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Changing the Game - Strategies for Life Business and the Practice of Law

Darren A. Miller

Business SOS! - Eight Common Legal Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

Rich Sierra

101 Habits of an Effective Complainer

Helen Dewdney

The Status and Recognition of Post-1992 Transnistria - An Investigation of the Case for de jure Independence

Richard Colbey

Taming the algorithm - The right not to be subject to an automated decision in the General Data Protection Regulation

Paweł Kuch

Rethinking Reserves in the Swiss Code of Obligations - with special regard to Reserves based on the Articles of Association

Yvette Märki

The Implementation of Free Prior and Informed Consent and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises - An Analysis of the Regulatory Framework and OECD National Contact Point Cases

Fanny Pulver

The History of Abortion Legislation in the USA - Judicial History and Legislative Response

Various Authors

Women vs American Supreme Court - The History of Abortion Legislation

United States Congress, Jon O. Shimabukuro, Matthew B. Barry, Congressional Research Service, Supreme Court of the United States

All Along the Watchtower - Murder at Fort Devens

William J. Craig

In Search of an Ecological Constitution - Reformulating the Relationship between Society and Nature

Ezio Cordella Costa

International Institutions and social economic and cultural rights

Rodolfo Gutiérrez Silva

Ideation Conceptualization Realization - Discovering the Creative Scope in Software Engineering from the Perspective of Copyright and Patent Law

Sarah Leins-Zurmuehle

The Last Will and Testament of Alexander the Great - The Truth Behind the Death that Changed the Graeco-Persian World Forever

David Grant

The “Mr Big” Sting - The Cases the Killers the Controversial Confessions

Mark Stobbe

Internet Governance at the Point of No Return

Rolf H. Weber

The Trial of the Chicago 7: History Legacy and Trial Transcript

Bruce A. Ragsdale, Federal Judicial Center

The Family Nest Egg - The Complete and Proven Financial Guide to Building Long-Term Wealth and Security

Laura Meier

Living Constitution Dying Faith - Progressivism and the New Science of Jurisprudence

Bradley C. S. Watson

The Enigma of Ted Bundy - The Questions and Controversies Surrounding America's Most Infamous Serial Killer

Kevin M. Sullivan

To Kill or Be Killed - A True Crime Memoir From Prison

Joni Ankerson

Corporate Crime and Punishment - The Crisis of Underenforcement

John C. Coffee

Seceding from Secession - The Civil War Politics and the Creation of West Virginia

Eric J. Wittenberg, Edmund A. Sargus, Penny L. Barrick

Murderers' Row Volume Three - Wrecking Crew My Brother's Keeper Summary Execution

John Ferak, Chris Russo Blackwood, Michael Withey

War and Warriors Volume One - Legion Rising Travesty of Justice Saving Sandoval

Jeff Morris, Don Brown, Craig W. Drummond

The Impeachment of President Trump: Key Events Legal Cause & All Decisive Documents - The House of Representatives Impeachment Report the Response of the Republicans & Other Documents

Investigation Federal Bureau of, U.S. Congress, National Security Agency, Elizabeth B. Bazan, Robert S. Mueller, Justice Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of, White House

Donald Trump Impeached - The Timeline Legal Grounds & Key Documents - Key Reports Transcripts & Evidences Regarding the Impeachment: Impeachment Inquiry & Mueller Report

Investigation Federal Bureau of, U.S. Congress, National Security Agency, Elizabeth B. Bazan, Robert S. Mueller, Justice Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of, White House

Challenges risks and threats for security in Europe - 11th Network Europe Conference Warsaw 19th - 22nd May 2019

Andreas Kellerhals, Tobias Baumgartner

"I Hereby Resign"

Steven L. Manchel

Whistleblowers - Honesty in America from Washington to Trump

Allison Stanger