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Twilah Hiari

The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing - A handbook for personal change in later life

Guy Robertson

Nemesis - A new gripping British thriller full of action and adventure

Anthony Riches

Mind Thief - The Story of Alzheimer's

Han Yu

Empowerment in Health and Wellness

Jackie Arnold, Sue Jackson, Andrew A Parsons

The Runner's Expert Guide to Stretching - Prevent Injury Build Strength and Enhance Performance

Paul Hobrough

How to Overcome a Social Media Addition: Tips Techniques & Proven Strategies for Success

Stephen Berkley

Sleep Recovery - The five step yoga solution to restore your rest

Lisa Sanfilippo

The Foundation of Profitable Dentistry - A Complete Guide to Building & Sustaining Profitability Through Any Crisis

D.D.S. Saleh

So You Want to Be a Neuroscientist?

Ashley Juavinett

Improving Quality of Life for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy through treatment of Gait Impairment - International Cerebral Palsy Function and Mobility Symposium

Michael H Schwartz, Tom F Novacheck

The Essential Family Guide to Caring for Older People

Deborah Stone

Astrology's Higher Octaves - New Dimensions of a Healing Art

Greg Bogart

Stay Sharp! - Advice Puzzles and Activities to Keep Our Brains Active in Later Life

Gareth Moore

Inside the Room

Judy Rafferty

Mind Over Bladder - A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Continence

M.D. Rabin, Gail Stein, M.D O'Shaughnessy

Troubled in the Land of Enchantment - Adolescent Experience of Psychiatric Treatment

Janis H. Jenkins, Thomas J. Csordas

Rebound - Train Your Mind to Bounce Back Stronger from Sports Injuries

Cindy Kuzma, Carrie Jackson Cheadle

Anxious China - Inner Revolution and Politics of Psychotherapy

Li Zhang

Guide to Occlusal Waxing - Third Edition

Herbert T. Shillingburg Jr, Edwin L. Wilson Jr, Jack T. Morrison

Contemporary Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth - Evidence-Based Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Nadim Z. Baba

Esthetic Implant Restoration in the Edentulous Maxilla - A Simplified Protocol

Karim Dada, Marwan Daas

Evidence-Based Clinical Orthodontics

Peter G. Miles, Daniel J. Rinchuse, Donald J. Rinchuse

Measuring the Effects of Racism - Guidelines for the Assessment and Treatment of Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury

Robert T. Carter, Alex L. Pieterse

Ultimate Intimacy - The Revolutionary Science of Female Sexual Health


Training Secrets of the World's Greatest Footballers - How Science is Transforming the Modern Game

James Witts

Elderhood - Redefining Aging Transforming Medicine Reimagining Life

Louise Aronson

City of Omens - A Search for the Missing Women of the Borderlands

Dan Werb

The Alchemy of Disease - How Chemicals and Toxins Cause Cancer and Other Illnesses

John Whysner

The Shapeless Unease - A Year of Not Sleeping

Samantha Harvey