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Chasing the Widowmaker - The History of the Heart Attack Pandemic

Arnold Meshkov

What Dumbass Doctors Tell You - A Patient's Perspective

Theresa Errante-Parrino

The Ministry of Bodies

Seamus O'Mahony

Mind Thief - The Story of Alzheimer's

Han Yu

Empowerment in Health and Wellness

Jackie Arnold, Sue Jackson, Andrew A Parsons

Spanish Flu vs Covid-19 which is the worst pandemic?

Farzana Prior

Breath Taking - What Our Lungs Teach Us About Our Origins Ourselves and Our Future

Michael J. Stephen

All The Young Men

Ruth Coker Burks, Kevin Carr O'Leary

Improving Quality of Life for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy through treatment of Gait Impairment - International Cerebral Palsy Function and Mobility Symposium

Michael H Schwartz, Tom F Novacheck

The Longevity Matrix - How to Live Better Stronger and Longer

N.D. Murray

Keeping Well - An Anti-Cancer Guide to Remain in Remission

Brittany Wisniewski

COVID: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science

Marc Siegel

Project: Kids Let's Be Superheroes - A Tale From The Iris The Dragon Series

Gayle Grass

Mind Over Bladder - A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Continence

M.D. Rabin, Gail Stein, M.D O'Shaughnessy

Rethinking Readiness - A Brief Guide to Twenty-First-Century Megadisasters

Jeffrey Schlegelmilch

The Diabetes LIFEMAP - Data Driven Diabetes Care for the 21st Century

MD Bleich

Medication Detox - How to Live Your Best Health

MD Taylor

The Remarkable Life of the Skin - An Intimate Journey Across Our Largest Organ

Monty Lyman

The Alchemy of Disease - How Chemicals and Toxins Cause Cancer and Other Illnesses

John Whysner

The Next Pandemic

Betsy McCaughey

COVID-19: A global problem for modern civilization - Transactions of the International Academy of Science H&E

Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht, Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov, Dr. Med. Ilse Triebnig, Dr. Tamila Khalilova, Prof. Dr. Mahbuba Valiyeva, Prof. Dr. Farhanda Sadikhova, Dr. Yelena Savoley

Loving Large - A Mother's Rare Disease Memoir

Patti M. Hall

Simulations in Medicine - Computer-aided diagnostics and therapy

Irena Roterman-Konieczna

THE Coronavirus survival Guide


Aging between Participation and Simulation - Ethical Dimensions of Socially Assistive Technologies in Elderly Care

Jochen Vollmann, Joschka Haltaufderheide, Johanna Hovemann

National Biodefense Strategy

U.S. Government, House White

Myocardial torsion - Anatomo-functional interpretation of cardiac mechanics

Jorge C. Trainini, Jorge Lowenstein, Mario Beraudo, Alejandro Trainini, Vicente Llabata Mora, Mario Wernicke

The Cheating Cell - How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer

Athena Aktipis

Coronavirus: Arm Yourself With Facts - Symptoms Modes of Transmission Prevention & Treatment

Control Centers for Disease, Services U.S. Department of Health Human

Your Script for Hope - Overcome a Devastating Diagnosis

Petra Frese