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e-Pedia: Priyanka Chopra - Priyanka Chopra (born 18 July 1982) is an Indian actress singer film producer philanthropist and the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant

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Southern Women - More Than 100 Stories of Innovators Artists and Icons

Gun Editors of Garden and

Ukrainian Womens Magic Traditions

Lada Luzina

You're Amazing - How to Cast Off Self-Doubt and Embrace Your Inner Brilliance

Debbi Marco

Rural Living Handbook

Bernie Webb

Floriography - An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers

Jessica Roux

You Are My Sunshine - Uplifting Quotes for an Awesome Friend

Summersdale Publishers

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining - Encouraging Quotes to Inspire Positivity

Summersdale Publishers

You're Awesome AF - Here's a Book (Because It's Not Like I'm Going To Tell You to Your Face)

Summersdale Publishers

New Guinea - Nature and Culture of Earth's Grandest Island

Bruce M. Beehler, Tim Laman

BBC Proms 2019 - Festival Guide

Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

You Do You - Quotes to Uplift Empower and Inspire

Summersdale Publishers

In Search of the Wild Tofurky - How a Business Misfit Pioneered Plant-Based Foods Before They Were Cool

Seth Tibbott

Be Bright Be Bold Be You - Uplifting Quotes and Statements to Empower You

Lucy Lane

The Gardener's Botanical - An Encyclopedia of Latin Plant Names - with More than 5000 Entries

Ross Bayton

Motivational Quotes for Students - Wise Words to Inspire and Uplift You Every Day

Summersdale Publishers

You Are Stronger Than You Think - Wise Words to Help You Build Your Inner Resilience

Summersdale Publishers

My Allahabad Story

Himendra Nath Varma

Quick Student Guide to the APA Referencing Style - Easy APA Formatting Step by Step

Publications CreativeCloud

The Ultimate Quotable Einstein

Albert Einstein

Paws - This Book Will Help You Take a Break

Ally Francis

Don't Be a D*ck - A Self-Help Guide to Being F*cking Awesome

Joseph Dewey

The Pig - A Natural History

Richard Lutwyche

Typin’ ‘Bout My Generation - Write the legacy only you can leave

Ninie Hammon

Fungipedia - A Brief Compendium of Mushroom Lore

Lawrence Millman

For the Best Sister Ever - The Perfect Gift to Give to Your Favourite Sibling

Summersdale Publishers

Civility - George Washington's 110 Rules for Today

Steven Michael Selzer

You Are Amazing - Uplifting Quotes to Boost Your Mood and Brighten Your Day

Summersdale Publishers

Never Give Up - Inspirational Quotes for Instant Motivation

Summersdale Publishers

Top Tips for New Grandparents - Practical Advice for First-Time Grandparents

Louise Baty