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The Fundamentals of Figure Drawing

Barrington Barber

Fundamentals of Drawing Still Life

Barrington Barber

The Fundamentals of Drawing Landscapes

Barrington Barber

The Complete Introduction to Drawing

Barrington Barber

Drawing Anatomy

Barrington Barber

The Fundamentals of Drawing Techniques

Barrington Barber

So You Want to Join the Music Industry - Here's the Info You Need

Angela Erickson

50 Drawing Projects - A creative step-by-step workbook

Barrington Barber

Drama-based Pedagogy - Activating Learning Across the Curriculum

Katie Dawson

The American Text-Book of Art Education - Teachers' Manual for The Primary Course of Instruction in Drawing

Walter Smith

Basics Lighting Design

Roman Skowranek

Basics Facade Apertures

Roland Krippner, Florian Musso

Basics Water Cycles

Doris Haas-Arndt

Basics Architectural Photography

Michael Heinrich

Basics Spatial Design

Ulrich Exner, Dietrich Pressel

Basics Tendering

Tim Brandt, Sebastian Franssen

Basics Urban Analysis

Gerrit Schwalbach

Basics Loadbearing Systems

Alfred Meistermann

Basics Construction Scheduling

Bert Bielefeld

Basics Roof Construction

Tanja Brotrück

Basics Design Ideas

Bert Bielefeld, Sebastian El Khouli

Basics Materials

Manfred Hegger, Hans Drexler, Martin Zeumer

Basics Timber Construction

Ludwig Steiger

Basics Project Planning

Hartmut Klein

Basics Barrier-Free Planning

Isabella Skiba, Rahel Züger

Basics Glass Construction

Andreas Achilles, Diane Navratil

Basics Room Conditioning

Oliver Klein, Jörg Schlenger

Basics Masonry Construction

Nils Kummer

Basics Site Management

Lars-Phillip Rusch

Basics CAD

Jan Krebs