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Defend Yourself! - How to Protect Your Health Your Money And Your Rights in 10 Key Areas of Your Life

Kevin McCarthy, Mark J. Green, Lauren Strayer

Side Effects - A Prosecutor a Whistleblower and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial

Alison Bass

Sandra Day O'Connor

Joan Biskupic

The Juryman's Tale

Trevor Grove

Fateful Harvest

Duff Wilson

A Thousand Times More Fair - What Shakespeare's Plays Teach Us About Justice

Kenji Yoshino

Not Guilty

Jabari Asim

Out of Bounds

Jeff Benedict

In the Interest of Justice - Great Opening & Closing Statements Throu

Joel Seidemann

Lord High Executioner - An Unashamed Look at Hangmen Headsmen and Their Kind

Howard Engel

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John Perkins

For the Thrill of It

Simon Baatz

Restless Souls - The Sharon Tate Family's Account of Stardom the Manson Murders and a Crusade for Justice

Alisa Statman, Brie Tate

Everybody's Guide to the Law- Fully Revised & Updated

Allen Wilkinson, Melvin M. Belli

The Ecology of Law - Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community

Fritjof Capra, Ugo Mattei

Genomic Messages - How the Evolving Science of Genetics Affects Our Health Families and Future

George Annas, Sherman Elias

Who Killed My Daughter?

Lois Duncan

Burning Rainbow Farm - How a Stoner Utopia Went Up in Smoke

Dean Kuipers

Liberty and Sexuality - The Right to Privacy and the Making of Roe v Wade

David J. Garrow

Locked Down Locked Out - Why Prison Doesn't Work and How We Can Do Better

Maya Schenwar

The Corporate Whistleblower's Survival Guide

Tom Devine, Tarek F. Maassarani

Make an Ethical Difference - Tools for Better Action

Mark Pastin

Evil Angels - The Case of Lindy Chamberlain

John Bryson

Busted! - Drug War Survival Skills and True Dope D

M. Chris Fabricant

The Price of Terror

Allan Gerson, Jerry Adler

Digital Barbarism

Mark Helprin

Journal of the Dead - A Story of Friendship and Murder in the New Mexico Desert

Jason Kersten

Judgment Ridge

Mitchell Zuckoff, Dick Lehr

The End of Obscenity - The Trials of Lady Chatterley Tropic of Cancer & Fanny Hill by the Lawyer Who Defended Them

Charles Rembar

Obamacare: What's in It for Me? - What Everyone Needs to Know About the Affordable Care Act

Wendell Potter