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The Handbook for Embedded Formative Assessment - (A Practical Guide to Formative Assessment in the Classroom)

Tree Solution

Dying to Win - How to Inspire and Ignite Your Child's Love of Learning in an Overstressed World

Teri Capshaw

Let's Get Your Book Published - A practical approach to self-publishing aligning with your purpose releasing fear maximizing time & making a profit

Nicole Gabriel

Heirs and their Shares - Essentials of Inheritance for Singles the Married and the Widowed

Maria Victoria Rotor-Hilado

The Best of The Unforgettable Legal Stories

Aida Sevilla Mendoza

TAOISM FOR THE MAINSTREAM - Practical philosophy and method to use in daily life (previously published as 'Dear Barefoot')

Barefoot Doctor

The Bluejacket's Manual

Thomas J. Cutler

Women and the War on Boko Haram - Wives Weapons Witnesses

Hilary Matfess

Sex Rules! - Astonishing Sexual Practices and Gender Roles Around the World

Janice Z. Brodman

The Doha Experiment - Arab Kingdom Catholic College Jewish Teacher

Gary Wasserman

Green: A Pocket Guide to Pot

Dan Michaels

Hidden Treasure - How to Break Free of Five Patterns that Hide Your True Self

Alice McDowell

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

Leadership in Theological Education Volume 2 - Foundations for Curriculum Design

Fritz Deininger, Orbelina Eguizabal

Economics for the Common Good

Jean Tirole

Craft Coffee: A Manual - Brewing a Better Cup at Home

Jessica Easto

From Conflict to Inclusion in Housing - Interaction of Communities Residents and Activists

Graham Cairns, Kirsten Day, Georgios Artopoulos

Developing the Higher Education Curriculum - Research-Based Education in Practice

Professor Dilly Fung, Brent Carnell

Searching for Subversives - The Story of Italian Internment in Wartime America

Mary Elizabeth Basile Chopas

Secrets of Building Successful Business Plan for Farm and Rural Business

Andrei Besedin

The Quick Wise Guide to Writing Grant Proposals - How to Write a Persuasive Proposal

Waddy Thompson

Finders Keepers - Study Work Guide

Rosamund Haden, Charlene van Rooyen

Kiasunomics© - Stories of Singaporean Economic Behaviours

Sumit Agarwal, Swee Hoon Ang;Tien Foo Sing

Answers to Questions You’ve Never Asked - Explaining the What If in Science Geography and the Absurd

Joseph Pisenti

The 1987 Constitution

Antonio G. M. La Viña, Joy G. Aceron

Ang Iyong Emergency Survival Manwal - Handa Ka Na Ba?

Paloma P

EIGA - Cinema in the Philippines During World War II

Nick Deocampo

4 Magic Steps to Double Profit - How to maximise profit in new and established business

Jeremy Rudd

Teacher Talk and Student Talk - Classroom Observation Studies

Maria Lourdes S. Bautista

PIArb - Commercial Arbitration Handbook

Philippine Institute of Arbitrators PIArb