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Travel writing

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Crude Britannia - How Oil Shaped a Nation

James Marriott, Terry Macalister

"Exterminate All the Brutes" - One Man's Odyssey into the Heart of Darkness and the Origins of European Genocide

Sven Lindqvist

In Praise of Retreat - Finding Sanctuary in the Modern World

Kirsteen MacLeod

The Gardens of Mars - Madagascar an Island Story

John Gimlette

Along the Road - Notes and Essays of a Tourist

Aldous Huxley

The Last Giants

Levison Wood

Fearless Footsteps - True Stories That Capture the Spirit of Adventure

Jennifer Roberts, Nathan James Thomas

Pravda Ha Ha - Truth Lies and the End of Europe

Rory MacLean

The National Road - Dispatches From a Changing America

Tom Zoellner

Crossing Boundaries - A Traveler’s Guide to World Peace

Aziz Abu Sarah

A Savage Dreamland - Journeys in Burma

David Eimer

Ghosts of the Belle Époque - The History of the Grand Hôtel et des Palmes Palermo

Andrew Edwards, Suzanne Edwards

Conan Doyle's Wide World - Sherlock Holmes and Beyond

Andrew Lycett

Try to Get Lost - Essays on Travel and Place

Joan Frank

EURODASH79 - The Quest - Inspired and Relentless Search for the True Knowledge Culture & Values

Akhil Pandey

The Viking Isles - Travels in Orkney and Shetland

Paul Murton

Berezina - On Three Wheels from Moscow to Paris Chasing Napoleon's Epic Fail

Sylvain Tesson

Tangier - From the Romans to The Rolling Stones

Richard Hamilton

Sardinia - Island of Myth and Magic

Edward Burman

She Explores - Stories of Life-Changing Adventures on the Road and in the Wild

Gale Straub

Orchid Summer - In Search of the Wildest Flowers of the British Isles

Jon Dunn

Sketches of Etruscan Places

D. H. Lawrence

Mornings in Mexico

D. H. Lawrence

Sea and Sardinia

D. H. Lawrence

Twilight in Italy

D. H. Lawrence

An Arabian Journey - One Man's Quest Through the Heart of the Middle East

Levison Wood

War Tourism - Second World War France from Defeat and Occupation to the Creation of Heritage

Bertram M. Gordon

Selected Travel Writing - Journey Without Maps and The Lawless Roads

Graham Greene

A Year Off - A story about traveling the world - and how to make it happen for you

Alexandra Brown, David Brown

The Lawless Roads

Graham Greene