Travel writing

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Boston's Best Dive Bars - Drinking and Diving in Beantown

Luke O'Neil

The World the World - Memoirs of a Legendary Traveler

Norman Lewis

Gadfly in Russia - A Story of Travel History People and Places

Alan Sillitoe

Driving The Green - An Irish Golfing Adventure

Kevin Markham

Birds of Passage - Henrietta Clive's travels in South India 1798-1801

Henrietta Clive

The Risk in Being Alive - One Man's Adventures Across the Planet

Brian Hancock

Exotic Life: Travel Tales of an Adventurous Woman

Lisa Alpine

The Best Women's Travel Writing Volume 9 - True Stories from Around the World

Lavinia Spalding

Slowspoke - A Unicyclist's Guide to America

Mark Schimmoeller

Breakfast at the Exit Cafe - Travels Through America

Wayne Grady, Merilyn Simonds

Delirious Delhi - Inside India's Incredible Capital

David Prager

Sex in the City - New York - Volume Three

Maxim Jakubowski, Elizabeth Coldwell, Lily Harlem

Yellow River Odyssey

Bill Porter

Paddling North

Audrey Sutherland

The Blue Cabin - Living by the tides on Islandmore

Michael Faulkner

The Best Women's Travel Writing 2008 - True Stories from Around the World

Lucy McCauley

My Venice and Other Essays

Donna Leon

Where the Wild Things Were - Travels of a Conservationist

S Johnson

What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim - A Midlife Misadventure on Spain's Camino de Santiago

Jane Christmas

Vignettes & Postcards From Morocco

Erin Byrne

One Wild Song - A Voyage in a Lost Son's Wake

Paul Heiney

Travels on my Elephant

Mark Shand

Meander - East to West Indirectly Along a Turkish River

Jeremy Seal

Gaia Calls - South Sea Voices Dolphins Sharks & Rainforests

Wade Doak

Woman Alone - A Six-Month Journey Through the Australian Outback

Laine Cunningham

A Tour on the Prairies - An Account of Thirty Days in Deep Indian Country

Washington Irving

Tibetan Rescue

Pamela Logan

The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium

Gerald Durrell

Travels in the Interior of Africa

Mungo Park

At Sea in the City - New York from the Water's Edge

William Kornblum