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CHANGES - Berliner Festspiele 2012 – 2021 Formats Digital Culture Identity Politics Immersion Sustainability

Thomas Oberender

Rosa Barba - On the Anarchic Organization of Cinematic Spaces - Evoking Spaces beyond Cinema


Music and Democracy - Participatory Approaches

Marko Kölbl, Fritz Trümpi

Between Violence Vulnerability Resilience and Resistance - Arab Television News on the Experiences of Syrian Women during the Syrian Conflict

Rand El Zein

Winter Fires at Mill Grange - The perfect cosy heartwarming read this Christmas

Jenny Kane

The Lutheran Church in Geneva

Catherine Courtiau

The Artist's Estate - A Handbook for Artists Executors and Heirs

Dr. Loretta Würtenberger

The Church of Saint-Nicolas d’Hérémence

Carole Schaub, Anne-Fanny Cotting

Frostgrave: Wizard Eye: The Art of Frostgrave

Joseph A. McCullough, Dmitry Burmak, Kate Burmak

Housing for Humans - A Book to Imagine Create and Design a New Housing Model in America

ileana schinder

Travel Photographer's Way - Practical steps to taking unforgettable travel photos

Nori Jemil

America Reflected - Language Satire Film and the National Mind

Peter C. Rollins

Extra Salty - Jennifer’s Body

Frederick Blichert

The Healing Power of Singing - Raise Your Voice Change Your Life (What Touring with David Bowie Single Parenting and Ditching the Music Business Taught Me in 25 Easy Steps)

Emm Gryner

Infinite Dead - A Daily Guide to Grateful Dead Concert Performances Volume 1: October

David Cain

Contemporary Ukrainian and Baltic Art - Political and Social Perspectives 1991–2021

Svitlana Biedarieva

Flower Diary - In Which Mary Hiester Reid Paints Travels Marries & Opens a Door

Molly Peacock

Bears - The Mighty Grizzlies of the West

Julie Argyle

Wild Spaces and Unique Places - Celebrating the Natural Wonders of Utah

Ryan Jeffery

Interiors for Collectors

John Phifer Marrs

At Home in the Wine Country

Chase Reynolds Ewald, Heather Sandy Hebert

On Board - The Insider's Guide to Surviving Life in the Boardroom

John Tusa

Artist As Brand Workbook - A Modern Guide to Creative Prosperity

Greg Spalenka

The Beethoven Encyclopedia

Paul Nettl

O Holy Night

Sarah Cray

Christmas Eve - The Nativity Story in Art Verse and Song

Designs Juicebox

A City of Professions

Jordi Ludevid

Fashion in the 1960s

Daniel Milford-Cottam

Defragmentation - Curating Contemporary Music

Michael Rebhahn, Sylvia Freydank

Grinling Gibbons - Master Carver

Paul Rabbitts