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Daniel Johnston - A Portrait of the Artist as a Potter in North Carolina

Henry Glassie

Fewer Better Things - The Hidden Wisdom of Objects

Glenn Adamson

Global Clay - Themes in World Ceramic Traditions

John A. Burrison

Ceramics - Contemporary Artists Working in Clay

Kate Singleton

Performance art in Eastern Europe since 1960

Amy Bryzgel

Pottery Book for Beginners - A Potter's Guide to Sculpting 20 Beautiful Handbuilding Ceramic Projects Plus Pottery Tools Tips and Techniques to Get You Started

Garth Mullins

Wings of Desire

Christian Rogowski


Lutz Koepnick


Professor Brad Prager

Dark Beauty - Hidden Detail in Harry Clarke’s Stained Glass

Lucy Costigan

Kiln to Kitchen - Favorite Recipes from Beloved North Carolina Potters

Jean Anderson

Me and Mr Welles - Travelling Europe with a Hollywood Legend

Dorian Bond

Waterford Crystal - The Creation of a Global Brand

M. Hearne John

Espying Heaven - The Stained Glass of Charles Eamer Kempe and his Artists

Adrian Barlow

The Complete History of The Return of the Living Dead

Christian Sellers, Gary Smart

A Guide to Modelling in Clay and Wax and for Terra Cotta Bronze and Silver Chasing and Embossing Carving in Marble and Alabaster Moulding and Casting in Plaster-Of-Paris or Sculptural Art Made Easy for Beginners

Morton Edwards

Hard Paste Porcelain (Oriental); China Japan Siam Korea

Edwin Atlee Barber