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Love and Loss in Hollywood - Florence Deshon Max Eastman and Charlie Chaplin

Christoph Irmscher, Cooper C. Graham

Reel Bay - A Cinematic Essay

Jana Larson

Girl Head - Feminism and Film Materiality

Genevieve Yue

The Films That Made Me

Peter Bradshaw

Duchamp Is My Lawyer - The Polemics Pragmatics and Poetics of UbuWeb

Kenneth Goldsmith

Absence in Cinema - The Art of Showing Nothing

Justin Remes

Poetry Unbound - Poems and New Media from the Magic Lantern to Instagram

Mike Chasar

Anxious Cinephilia - Pleasure and Peril at the Movies

Sarah Keller

Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps - A Life of John Buchan

Ursula Buchan

Everything She Touched - Life of Ruth Asawa

Marilyn Chase

From Memory to Marble - The historical frieze of the Voortrekker Monument Part I: The Frieze

Elizabeth Rankin, Rolf Michael Schneider

Motor City Movie Culture 1916-1925

Richard Abel

The Renaissance Engravers

Jp Calosse

University Babylon - Film and Race Politics on Campus

Curtis Marez

Roger Sandall's Films and Contemporary Anthropology - Explorations in the Aesthetic the Existential and the Possible

Lorraine Mortimer

Picking Up the Pieces - Residential School Memories and the Making of the Witness Blanket

Carey Newman, Kirstie Hudson

Production Design - Architects of the Screen

Jane Barnwell

New Digital Cinema - Reinventing the Moving Image

Holly Willis

The Art of Toy Story 4

Josh Cooley

The Art of Toy Story 3

Charles Solomon

Chromatic Modernity - Color Cinema and Media of the 1920s

Sarah Street, Joshua Yumibe

Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen

Michel Chion

Arctic Cinemas and the Documentary Ethos

Lilya Kaganovsky, Scott MacKenzie, Anna Westerstahl Stenport

The Wipers Times - The Famous First World War Trench Newspaper

Christopher Westhorp

The Holocaust in Czechoslovak and Czech Feature Films

Sarka Sladovnikova

The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Jessica Julius

Turner and the Whale

Jason Edwards

Mapping Memory - Visuality Affect and Embodied Politics in the Americas

Kaitlin M. Murphy

Creative and Successful Set Designs - How to Make Imaginative Sets with Limited Resources

Todd Muffatti

The Art of Incredibles 2

John Lasseter