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Not Yo' Butterfly - My Long Song of Relocation Race Love and Revolution

Nobuko Miyamoto

Jazz Places - How Performance Spaces Shape Jazz History

Kimberly Hannon Teal

Rethinking Urban Risk and Resettlement in the Global South

Cassidy Johnson, Garima Jain, Allan Lavell

Hearing Luxe Pop - Glorification Glamour and the Middlebrow in American Popular Music

John Howland

Spoken Like a Woman - Speech and Gender in Athenian Drama

Laura McClure

Defragmentation - Curating Contemporary Music

Michael Rebhahn, Sylvia Freydank

After the End of Art - Contemporary Art and the Pale of History - Updated Edition

Arthur C. Danto

Modern mentalism - Secrets principles tricks and psychology for the modern mentalist

Giochidimagia Giochidimagia

William Greaves - Filmmaking as Mission

Scott MacDonald, Jacqueline Najuma Stewart

Things Fall Together - A Guide to the New Materials Revolution

Skylar Tibbits

Russia's Theatrical Past - Court Entertainment in the Seventeenth Century

Claudia R. Jensen, Ingrid Maier, Stepan Shamin, Daniel C. Waugh

Chinese Film Classics 1922–1949

Christopher G. Rea

You Are Here: Beaches - The Most Scenic Spots on Earth

Blackwell & Ruth n/a

The New Oil Painting - Your Essential Guide to Materials and Safe Practices

Kimberly Brooks

Crossing Borders - My Journey in Music

Max Baca

Lakefront - Public Trust and Private Rights in Chicago

Joseph D. Kearney, Thomas W. Merrill

A Hare-Marked Moon - From Bhutan to Yorkshire: The Story of an English Stupa

David Lascelles

Queer Icons and Their Cats

Alison Nastasi, PJ Nastasi

#BYOP - Be Your Own Producer

Ashley Kate Adams

Drawing Unicorns & Other Mythical Creatures

Peter Gray

Billy Wilder on Assignment - Dispatches from Weimar Berlin and Interwar Vienna

Billy Wilder

Curiosity - And Its Twelve Rules for Life

F.H. Buckley

Music Math and Mind - The Physics and Neuroscience of Music

David Sulzer

Soundtrack to a Movement - African American Islam Jazz and Black Internationalism

Richard Brent Turner

The Museo Vincenzo Vela in Ligornetto

Marc-Joachim Wasmer

On Boredom - Essays in art and writing

Susan Morris, Rye Dag Holmboe

Life and Times of Jo Mora - Iconic Artist of the American West

Peter Hiller

Modern Americana

Max Humphrey

Patina Homes

Brooke Giannetti, Steve Giannetti

Principles of Decoration in the Roman World

Annette Hug, M. Taylor Lauritsen