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Last Chance Texaco - Chronicles of an American Troubadour

Rickie Lee Jones

Far and Wide - Bring That Horizon to Me!

Neil Peart

For he's a jolly good fellow


Popular Is Not Enough: The Political Voice Of Joan Baez - A Case Study In The Biographical Method

Markus Jaeger

Improvising Sabor - Cuban Dance Music in New York

Sue Miller

The Performing Pianist's Guide to Fingering

Joseph Banowetz

The Spotify Play - How CEO and Founder Daniel Ek Beat Apple Google and Amazon in the Race for Audio Dominance

Sven Carlsson, Jonas Leijonhufvud

A Case for Charpentier - Treatise on Accompaniment and Composition

Carla E. Williams

New York and the International Sound of Latin Music 1940-1990

Benjamin Lapidus

Focal Impulse Theory - Musical Expression Meter and the Body

John Paul Ito

Rubato: procesos musicales y una playlist personal

Paolo Bortolameolli

Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus! - Photographs from the Sacred Steel Community

Robert L. Stone

God Rock Inc - The Business of Niche Music

Andrew Mall

Representing Islam - Hip-Hop of the September 11 Generation

Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir

Damaged - Musicality and Race in Early American Punk

Evan Rapport

Cartographies of Youth Resistance - Hip-Hop Punk and Urban Autonomy in Mexico

Maurice Rafael Magaña

Beyoncé - At Work On Screen and Online

Martin Iddon, Melanie L. Marshall

Seven Hills


Harmony and Normalization - US-Cuban Musical Diplomacy

Timothy P. Storhoff

Groove Theory - The Blues Foundation of Funk

Tony Bolden

Outside and Inside - Race and Identity in White Jazz Autobiography

Reva Marin

Love Her Madly - Jim Morrison Mary and Me

Bill Cosgrave

Music in World War II - Coping with Wartime in Europe and the United States

Roberta Montemorra Marvin, Pamela M. Potter, Christina Baade

Storytelling in Opera and Musical Theater

Nina Penner

The Baddest Bitch in the Room - A Memoir

Sophia Chang

Nothin' But a Good Time - The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Glam Metal

Justin Quirk

We Have Always Been Minimalist - The Construction and Triumph of a Musical Style

Christophe Levaux

Toward a Sound Ecology - New and Selected Essays

Jeff Todd Titon

Music and Philosophy Volume Two - The Legacy of Chopin Notes on Chopin and Style and Idea

André Gide, Jan Holcman, Arnold Schoenberg

Music and Philosophy Volume One - Legend of a Musical City Schoenberg and His School and Shostakovich

Max Graf, René Leibowitz, Ivan Martynov