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She Can Really Lay It Down - 50 Rebels Rockers and Musical Revolutionaries

Rachel Frankel

Fourths Tuning - Modes

Graham Tippett

The Art of Fugue - Bach Fugues for Keyboard 1715–1750

Joseph Kerman

Korngold and His World

Kevin C. Karnes, Daniel Goldmark

Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture - Images and Stories from a Photography Legend

Amelia Davis

Strings and Celebrities - Hakkert's “First Dutch Stringmakers”

Uri M. Kupferschmidt

Dream Theater - Octavarium - Drum Sheet Music

Evan Jaslow

Piano Walking Bass - From blues to jazz

Jesper Kaae

Ruffhouse - From the Streets of Philly to the Top of the '90s Hip-Hop Charts

Chris Schwartz

Intermediate Guitar Scales Handbook

Graham Tippett

Avenged Sevenfold - Not Ready to Die - Drum Sheet Music

Evan Jaslow

Art Rebels - Race Class and Gender in the Art of Miles Davis and Martin Scorsese

Paul Lopes

Opeth - Ghost of Perdition - Drum Sheet Music

Evan Jaslow

Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons - Drum Sheet Music

Evan Jaslow

Dick Waterman - A Life in Blues

Tammy L. Turner

A Fiery Gospel - The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Road to Righteous War

Richard M. Gamble

Piano for Beginners - The Absolute Guide for Beginners

V.S Publishing

Ukulele for Beginners - A Complete Guide for Beginners

V.S Publishing

BBC Proms 2018 - Festival Guide

Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

How to make your own fingerpicking arrangements

Jesper Kaae

Time of My Life - A Jazz Journey from London to New Orleans

Clive Wilson

Analysis of Jazz - A Comprehensive Approach

Laurent Cugny

Rebel Rebel - How Mavericks Made Our Modern World

Chris Sullivan

Harmonica for Kids - Simple Guide to Learn and Play the Diatonic Harmonica and Have Fun with Easy Songs in Tablature Notation

Darren Hills

How Music Can Make You Better

Indre Viskontas

Johnny B Bad - Chuck Berry and the Making of Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N’ Roll

Stephanie Bennett

Woodshedder's Guide to Guitar Scales

Graham Tippett

Memphis Rent Party - The Blues Rock & Soul in Music's Hometown

Robert Gordon

The Secret Chords - An introduction to open moveable chords

Jesper Kaae

10 Christmas Carols for Fingerpicking

Jesper Kaae