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The Arts

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Ceramics - Contemporary Artists Working in Clay

Kate Singleton

Art of Islam

Gaston Migeon, Henri Saladin

Decorative Art

Albert Jaquemart

Intermediate Guide to Ceramic Glazing: Layer Glazes Underglaze and Make Triaxial Blends

Gill Roy

Watching Skies - Star Wars Spielberg and Us

Mark O'Connell

Me and Mr Welles - Travelling Europe with a Hollywood Legend

Dorian Bond

Waterford Crystal - The Creation of a Global Brand

M. Hearne John

The Complete History of The Return of the Living Dead

Christian Sellers, Gary Smart

A Guide to Modelling in Clay and Wax and for Terra Cotta Bronze and Silver Chasing and Embossing Carving in Marble and Alabaster Moulding and Casting in Plaster-Of-Paris or Sculptural Art Made Easy for Beginners

Morton Edwards

Hard Paste Porcelain (Oriental); China Japan Siam Korea

Edwin Atlee Barber

China and Pottery Marks


Pottery Making: Pottery for Beginners and Essential Tips to Get Started

Jessica Lindsey

Korean Ceramics: The Beauty of Natural Forms - Korea Essentials #11

Robert Koehler

Frugal Art: Creating Beautiful Art On A Budget For Home

Dorothy James