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Duchamp Is My Lawyer - The Polemics Pragmatics and Poetics of UbuWeb

Kenneth Goldsmith

How to Draw Super Cars With Step By Step Illustrations - Master the Art of Drawing 3D Super Cars like Bugatti Lamborghini McLaren Dodge Ford & Chevrolet

Amber Forrest

Absence in Cinema - The Art of Showing Nothing

Justin Remes

Poetry Unbound - Poems and New Media from the Magic Lantern to Instagram

Mike Chasar

Anxious Cinephilia - Pleasure and Peril at the Movies

Sarah Keller

Everything She Touched - Life of Ruth Asawa

Marilyn Chase

A Dog a Day

Sally Muir

The Inner Studio - A Designer's Guide to the Resources of the Psyche

Andrew Levitt

From Memory to Marble - The historical frieze of the Voortrekker Monument Part I: The Frieze

Elizabeth Rankin, Rolf Michael Schneider

Pencils You Should Know - A History of Ultimate Writing Utensil in 75 Anecdotes

Caroline Weaver

Zuber - Two Centuries of Panoramic Wallpaper

Brian Coleman

The Renaissance Engravers

Jp Calosse

Tropical Birds In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Europe In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Gardens In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Mountains In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Flowers In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Birds Of Prey In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Winter In Oils

Madison Deblanco

The Ocean In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Michael Snow - Lives and Works

James King

Worldmaking as Techné - Participatory Art Music and Architecture

Mark-David Hosale, Sana Murrani, Alberto de Campo

Animals In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Picking Up the Pieces - Residential School Memories and the Making of the Witness Blanket

Carey Newman, Kirstie Hudson

Churchill - The Statesman as Artist

David Cannadine

The Omnibus of Pen Sketching - Get Set & Sketch like a Boss!

Shirish D

Fewer Better Things - The Hidden Wisdom of Objects

Glenn Adamson

Production Design - Architects of the Screen

Jane Barnwell

New Digital Cinema - Reinventing the Moving Image

Holly Willis

A Complete Guide to Drawing

Domingo Manera