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Creative Alchemy - Meditations Rituals and Experiments to Free Your Inner Magic

Marlo Johnson

Find Your Artistic Voice - The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic

Lisa Congdon

Hummingbird in Underworld - Teaching in a Men’s Prison A Memoir

Deborah Tobola

Provisional Avant-Gardes - Little Magazine Communities from Dada to Digital

Sophie Seita

Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through

T Fleischmann

JR: The Chronicles of San Francisco


Creation and Anarchy - The Work of Art and the Religion of Capitalism

Giorgio Agamben

Ugliness and Judgment - On Architecture in the Public Eye

Timothy Hyde

About Sieves and Sieving - Motif Symbol Technique Paradigm

Barbara Baert

How to Read Donald Duck - Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic

Ariel Dorfman, Armand Mattelart

The Missing Pages - The Modern Life of a Medieval Manuscript from Genocide to Justice

Heghnar Zeitlian Watenpaugh

The Art of Feminism - Images that Shaped the Fight for Equality 1857-2017

Helena Reckitt

The Blind Man - A Phantasmography

Robert Desjarlais

What Really Makes America Great

Network Creative Action

We Inspire Me - Cultivate Your Creative Crew to Work Play and Make

Andrea Pippins

Scenes from the Revolution - Making Political Theatre 1968-2018

Kim Wiltshire, Billy Cowan

Bibliophile - An Illustrated Miscellany

Jane Mount

Art from the Swamp - How Washington Bureaucrats Squander Millions on Awful Art

Bruce Cole

Art after Money Money after Art - Creative Strategies Against Financialization

Max Haiven

History as They Saw It - Iconic Moments from the Past in Color

Wolfgang Wild, Jordan Lloyd

It's OK to Feel Things Deeply

Carissa Potter

After the Party - A Manifesto for Queer of Color Life

Joshua Chambers-Letson

Gallery Ready - A Creative Blueprint for Visual Artists

Franceska Alexander

Design Guide to Learn Calligraphy - Fonts Styles Pens Letters & Numbers

Agatha Adams


Jean-Luc Nancy

Unnamable - The Ends of Asian American Art

Susette Min

Introduction to Art: Design Context and Meaning

Pamela Sachant, Peggy Blood, Jeffery LeMieux, Rita Tekippe

Art of the Ordinary - The Everyday Domain of Art Film Philosophy and Poetry

Richard Deming

The Last Guide To Independent Filmmaking - With No Budget

Tut Thomas


Weiwei Ai