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That Was Entertainment - The Golden Age of the MGM Musical

Bernard F. Dick

The Showrunner

Kim Moritsugu

I Spit on Your Grave

David Maguire

Who I Am

Charlotte Rampling

The Art of Bolt

Mark Cotta Vaz

Game of Thrones on Business - Strategy morality and leadership lessons from the world’s most talked about TV show

Tim Phillips, Rebecca Clare

The Art of Moana

Jessica Julius, Maggie Malone

30-Second Shakespeare - 50 key aspects of his work life and legacy each explained in half a minute

Mark Rylance, Rose BARBER

Inside HBO's Game of Thrones - Seasons 1 & 2

Bryan Cogman

Inside HBO's Game of Thrones - Seasons 3 & 4

C. A. Taylor

Last Night at the Viper Room - River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind

Gavin Edwards

Vuckovic's Horror Miscellany - Stories Facts Tales & Trivia

Jovanka Vuckovic

FilmCraft: Production Design

Fionnuala Halligan

Memo from the Story Department - Secrets of Structure and Character

Christopher Vogler, David Mckenna

30-Second Psychology - The 50 Most Thought-provoking Psychology Theories Each Explained in Half a Minute

Christian Jarrett

The Jaws Log - 30th Anniversary Edition

Carl Gottlieb

Finding Lost - Season Six - The Unoffical Guide

Nikki Stafford

Screen Plays - How 25 Screenplays Made It to a Theater Near You--for Better or Worse

David S. Cohen

Directing Actors

Judith Weston

The First Merry Widow - The Life of Carrie Moore

Leann Richards

Transcendental Style in Film - Ozu Bresson Dreyer

Paul Schrader

Sterling Hayden's Wars

Lee Mandel

Whenever You’re Ready - Nora Polley on Life as a Stratford Festival Stage Manager

Shawn DeSouza-Coelho

In the Mouth of Madness

Michael Blyth

To Play Again - A Memoir of Musical Survival

Carol Rosenberger

Stranger Than Paradise

Jamie Sexton

Show Trial - Hollywood HUAC and the Birth of the Blacklist

Thomas Doherty

Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes

Maggie Hennefeld

Melodrama Unbound - Across History Media and National Cultures

Linda Williams, Christine Gledhill


Jon Towlson