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Follow the Buzzards - Pro Wrestling in the Age of COVID-19

Keith Elliot Greenberg

Blood and Fire - The Unbelievable Real-Life Story of Wrestling’s Original Sheik

Brian R. Solomon

The Fighter

Albert Payson Terhune

The Art of Longsword Fighting - Teaching the Foundations of Sigmund Ringeck’s Style

Benjamin J. Smith

The Wrestlers’ Wrestlers - The Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling

Dan Murphy, Brian Young

Austin 3:16 - 316 Facts and Stories about Stone Cold Steve Austin

Michael McAvennie

Scientific Self-Defence

W. E. Fairbairn

Bruce Lee - The Life of a Legend

Fiaz Rafiq

Muhammad Ali - The Life of a Legend

Fiaz Rafiq

The Eighth Wonder of the World - The True Story of André the Giant

Bertrand Hébert, Pat Laprade

Quitters Never Win - My Life in UFC

Anthony Evans, Michael Bisping

No Way but to Fight - George Foreman and the Business of Boxing

Andrew R. M. Smith

Life Is Short and So Am I - My Life Inside Outside and Under the Wrestling Ring

Dylan Postl

The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame - The Storytellers (From the Terrible Turk to Twitter)

Steven Johnson, Greg Oliver

There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Kid - How I Went from Stereotype to Prototype

Titus O’Neil

Self Help - Life Lessons from the Bizarre Wrestling Career of Al Snow

Al Snow, Ross Owen Williams

Death of the Territories - Expansion Betrayal and the War that Changed Pro Wrestling Forever

Tim Hornbaker

Full Circle - The Remarkable True Story of Two All-American Wrestling Teammates Pitted Against Each Other in the War on Drugs and Then Reunited as Coaches

Jerry Langton, Chuck Malkus

Dream Fights - Great Boxing Matches Which Never Happened

Sam Dalton

The Spirit of Budo

Trevor Leggett

Karate: A Manual for Training the Necessary Skills of Self-defense and Combat (Easy Step by Step Instructions & Learn Martial Arts)

Luis Brown

Karate Vocabulary - A Martial Arts Handbook of 300 Essential Japanese Terms

Clay Boutwell, Yumi Boutwell

Songshan - The sacred mountains Songshan and Songshan Scenic Area

Bogdan Kladnik

The Book of Five Rings

Musashi Miyamoto, Classics HQ

CHAMPIONSHIP JUDO - Tai-Otoshi and O-Uchi-Gari Attacks


Championship JUDO - Tai-Otoshi and O-Uchi-Gari Attacks

T P Leggett, Kisaburo Watanabe

Self Defense: What You Need to Know to Survive an Attack on the Street or in Your Home (How to Protect Yourself With the React Self Defence System and Personal Safety)

Grant L Roberts

Self Defense: How Instructors Can Help Maximize the Benefits (The Ultimate Guide to Over Self-defense and Combative Techniques)

Carolyn Wright

Self Defense: Easy and Effective Self Protection Whatever Your Age (The Ultimate Guide to Beginner Martial Arts Training Techniques)

Jason Bernard

Self Defense: The Art of Real Street Fighting Techniques (The Ultimate Guide to Beginner Martial Arts Training Techniques)

Doris Amaya