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Wilderness Chef - The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Outdoors

Ray Mears

Wild Camping - Exploring and Sleeping in the Wilds of the UK and Ireland

Stephen Neale

Outdoor Cooking - River Cottage Handbook No17

Gill Meller

Mountain Man - 446 Mountains Six months One record-breaking adventure

James Forrest

Prepared-Not-Scared Cookbook - What to Store and How to Feed Your Family for 5 Weeks

Laura Robins

The Red Army Guerrilla Warfare Pocket Manual 1943

Lester Grau, Michael Gress

The Runner - Four Years Living and Running in the Wilderness

Markus Torgeby

The D-Day Training Pocket Manual 1944 - Instructions on Amphibious Landings Glider-Borne Forces Paratroop Landings and Hand-to-Hand Fighting

Chris McNab

How to Land a Plane

Mark Vanhoenacker

The Girl Outdoors - The Wild Girl’s Guide to Adventure Travel and Wellbeing

Sian Anna Lewis

The Home Guard Training Pocket Manual

Lee Johnson

The Book of Building Fires - How to Master the Art of the Perfect Fire

S. Coulthard

Ultimate Book of Adventure - Life-Changing Excursions and Experiences Around the World

Scott McNeely

The Barefoot Navigator - Wayfinding with the Skills of the Ancients

Jack Lagan

The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Manual - 272 Wilderness Skills

Tim MacWelch, Life The Editors of Outdoor

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack – Become Prepared for a Bomb Threat or Active Shooter Assault - Save Yourself and the Lives of Others - Learn How to Act Instantly The Strategies and Procedures After the Incident How to Help the Injured & Be Able to Provide First Aid

Federal Emergency Management Agency, Security Homeland

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack – Gain The Knowledge & Be Prepared

Federal Emergency Management Agency, Defense U.S. Department of

Disaster Survival Guide – Be Prepared for Any Natural Disaster - Ready to React! – What to Do When Emergency Occur: How to Prepare for the Earthquake Flood Hurricane Tornado Wildfire or Winter Storm (Including First Aid Instructions)

Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Skills of Wilderness Survival - US Army Official Handbook - How to Fight for Your Life - Become Self-Reliant and Prepared: Learn how to Handle the Most Hostile Environments How to Find Water & Food Build a Shelter Create Tools & Weapons…

U.S. Department of the Army

SURVIVAL HANDBOOK - How to Find Water Food and Shelter in Any Environment How to Protect Yourself and Create Tools Learn How to Survive - Become a Survival Expert – Handle Any Climate Environment Find Out Which Plants Are Edible Be Able to Build Shelters & Floatation Devices Master Fiel...

Defense U.S. Department of

Prepper Handbook: Ultimate Prepper's Guide to Preparing Emergency First Aid and Survival Medicine (Easy Tips for Food Storage Water Storage Canning & Farming)

Tess Durate

Bushcraft Survival Guide - A Bushcraft Essentials Book to Wilderness Survival Plus Basic Tools Outdoor Skills and Life Hacks to Get You Through Each Day

Zach Parham

How To Survive The End Of The World

Lawrence Olivier

Long Term Emergency Water Storage Prepping & Survival: How to Prepare for a Water Shortage

Stephen Berkley

How to Assemble a Bug Out Bag: The Best Food Supplies Tools Medicine & Gear

Stephen Berkley

Survival Guide - For Beginners Intermediates and Preppers

Jordan Gunner

Survival Guide - First Aid and Other Skills for Preppers

Jordan Gunner

Survival Guide - Prepare for Disasters Different Climates and Emergencies

Jordan Gunner

Survival Guide - Emergency Preparedness Self-Defense and Survivalism

Jordan Gunner

Survival Guide - Prepping to Stay Cool Stay Warm and Find Water

Jordan Gunner