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War Bows - Longbow crossbow composite bow and Japanese yumi

Mike Loades

How to Catch More Salmon

Henry J. Giles

Sea Fishing - River Cottage Handbook No6

Nick Fisher

The Total Redneck Manual - 221 Ways to Live Large

T. Edward Nickens, Will Brantley

The Last Marlin - The Story of a Family at Sea

Fred Waitzkin

All About Fishing

Miles Montgomery

Fly Fishing

Miles Montgomery

Bass Fishing

Louis McCarter


Knut Hamsun

Caceria - Todo lo que necesitas saber antes de empezar a cazar- Métodos Accesorios Ropa y Herramientas para empezar en este deporte (Supervivencia al límite)

Zac Williams

Kit Carson's Autobiography

Edited by Milo Milton Quaife

Sporting Guns - Weapons Skills and Techniques for Competitive Shooting Sports

Martin J. Dougherty

Bass Fishing

Nishant Baxi

Pilgrims of the Wild

Grey Owl

Sniper - Sniping skills from the world's elite forces

Martin J. Dougherty

Arab Archery

Nabih Amnin Faris, Robert Potter Elmer

The Gamekeeper at Home - Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life

Richard Jefferies

Archery - The #1 Beginner's Guide for Everything An Archer Needs to Know About Recurve And Compound Bows

Albert Dawson

Advice on Fox-Hunting

Henry Verney

The Life of a Fox Written by Himself - (Illustrated Edition)

Thomas F. A. Smith

The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter

W. D. M. Bell

Delphi Complete Works of Izaak Walton (Illustrated)

Izaak Walton

How To Become A Bass Fishing Pro

Jeannine Hill

How To Become A Fly Fishing Pro!

Jeannine Hill

Fishing Mastery!

Jeannine Hill

Hunting Mastery

Jeannine Hill

Tales of Fishes

Zane Grey

Bullet and Shot in Indian Forest

C.E.M. Russell

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures

J. H. Patterson

The Master of Game

Edward Duke of York