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Wild Camping - Exploring and Sleeping in the Wilds of the UK and Ireland

Stephen Neale

Staying Out for the Summer - a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy which is the perfect beach read

Mandy Baggot

The England Coast Path - 1000 Mini Adventures Around the World's Longest Coastal Path

Stephen Neale

Nonstop - Süchtig nach Segeln Driven by the Sea

Boris Herrmann

Safe for Summer

Mandy Baggot

The Boat Cookbook - Real Food for Hungry Sailors

Fiona Sims

I Chose Adventure - A Memoir

Jonathan Visbal

Escape Under Sail - Pursue Your Liveaboard Dream

Leonard Skinner, Mary Cooney

My Greek Island Summer - a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy

Mandy Baggot

Deadly Primrose

Suzette A. Hill

Exploring the Britannic - The life last voyage and wreck of Titanic's tragic twin

Simon Mills

Cutty Sark - The Last of the Tea Clippers (150th anniversary edition)

Eric Kentley

Lighthouses of Europe

Thomas Ebelt

Reading the Clouds - How You Can Forecast the Weather

Oliver Perkins

Open Water - The History and Technique of Swimming

Mikael Rosén

The Adventurer's Guide to Britain - 150 incredible experiences on land and water

Jen Benson, Sim Benson

Where the Magic Happens - How a Young Family Changed Their Lives and Sailed Around the World

Caspar Craven

Sea Trial - Sailing After My Father

Brian Harvey

The Girl Outdoors - The Wild Girl’s Guide to Adventure Travel and Wellbeing

Sian Anna Lewis

Over the Top - The First Lone Yachtsman to Sail Vertically Around the World

Adrian Flanagan

Kayak The Kwanza

Oscar Scafidi

The Kevin Show - An Olympic Athlete’s Battle with Mental Illness

Mary Pilon

Jackspeak - A guide to British Naval slang & usage

Rick Jolly

Exposed - The Dark Side of the America’s Cup

Alan Sefton, Larry Keating

Dolphins in the Fire - A Story of Young Women at Sea - from the Log Books of the Fishing Vessel Seawitch

Robert Singleton

Off the Deep End - A History of Madness at Sea

Nic Compton

Chasing the Cup - My America's Cup Journey

Jimmy Spithill

The Barefoot Navigator - Wayfinding with the Skills of the Ancients

Jack Lagan

Daisy Belle - Swimming Champion of the World

Caitlin Davies

Yacht Were You Thinking? - An A-Z of Boat Names Good and Bad

Jonathan Eyers