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How to Catch More Salmon

Henry J. Giles

Sea Fishing - River Cottage Handbook No6

Nick Fisher

The Total Redneck Manual - 221 Ways to Live Large

T. Edward Nickens, Will Brantley

The Ethical Carnivore - My Year Killing to Eat

Louise Gray

The Last Marlin - The Story of a Family at Sea

Fred Waitzkin

Body of Water - A Sage a Seeker and the World's Most Alluring Fish

Chris Dombrowski

All About Fishing

Miles Montgomery

Fly Fishing

Miles Montgomery

Bass Fishing

Louis McCarter


Knut Hamsun

Caceria - Todo lo que necesitas saber antes de empezar a cazar- Métodos Accesorios Ropa y Herramientas para empezar en este deporte (Supervivencia al límite)

Zac Williams

Kit Carson's Autobiography

Edited by Milo Milton Quaife

Sporting Guns - Weapons Skills and Techniques for Competitive Shooting Sports

Martin J. Dougherty

Bass Fishing


Pilgrims of the Wild

Grey Owl

Sniper - Sniping skills from the world's elite forces

Martin J. Dougherty

Arab Archery

Nabih Amnin Faris, Robert Potter Elmer

The Gamekeeper at Home - Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life

Richard Jefferies

Archery - The #1 Beginner's Guide for Everything An Archer Needs to Know About Recurve And Compound Bows

Albert Dawson

Advice on Fox-Hunting

Henry Verney

The Life of a Fox Written by Himself - (Illustrated Edition)

Thomas F. A. Smith

The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter

W. D. M. Bell

Delphi Complete Works of Izaak Walton (Illustrated)

Izaak Walton

Fishing Mastery!

Jeannine Hill

Hunting Mastery

Jeannine Hill

How To Become A Fly Fishing Pro!

Jeannine Hill

How To Become A Bass Fishing Pro

Jeannine Hill

The Master of Game

Edward Duke of York

Wild Scenes of a Hunter’s Life

John Frost

Bullet and Shot in Indian Forest

C.E.M. Russell