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Sixty Years of Jump Racing - From Arkle to McCoy

Robin Oakley

The Jumping Game - How National Hunt Trainers Work and What Makes Them Tick

Henrietta Knight

Dead Reckoning - A contemporary horse racing mystery

Glenis Wilson

They liked me the horses straightaway

Marty Dodd

Under Orders - The Diary of a Racehorse Owner’s Husband

John Timpson

UK Daily Paper Horse Racing System

Cliff Barnes

Last Hurrah

Robin Dawson

Winning Trifecta Horse Racing System

JR Ewing

Horse Racing Black Book

JR Ewing

Money Secrets at the Racetrack

Barry Meadow

Living the Palio - A Story of Community and Public Life in Siena Italy

Thomas W. Paradis

Dressage Made Easy - Made Easy #1

Jeanette A Garrett B.H.S.I.

How to Handicap Quarter Horse Racing

Anthony T. Richards

Horse Racing The ultimate form reading guide

Adam McEwan

Unbridled Spirit - The Untold Story of the 2018 Extraordinary Palio in Siena Italy

Thomas W. Paradis

BHS Stage 1 Workbook - A study and revision aid for the BHS Stage 1 assessment

Society British Horse

BHS Stage 2 Workbook - A study and revision aid for the BHS Stage 2 assessment

Society British Horse

Coaches and Coaching Throughout the Ages - A journey through the history of conveyance to the modern day sport of the wealthy

Gloria Austin

Guide to Race-Going

Martin Diggle

The Rider's Balance - Understanding the weight aids in pictures

Sylvia Loch

The Voice - The Unparalleled Life of Roger Huston

Victoria M. Howard

Way of Life - From Picking Winners to Breeding Champions

Bob Marks

The Skeptical Handicapper - Using Data and Brains to Win At the Racetrack

Barry Meadow

Horses to Follow - 2019 Flat Season

Jake Colclough

Real Riding - How to Ride in Harmony with Horses

Perry Wood

The Scots & The Turf - Racing and Breeding – The Scottish Influence

Alan Yuill Walker

BHS Complete Horsemanship Volume Three

Society British Horse

BHS Complete Horsemanship Volume One

Society British Horse

BHS Complete Horsemanship Volume Two

Society British Horse

Sport Horse Soundness and Performance - Training advice for dressage show jumping and event horses from champion riders equine scientists and vets

Cecilia Lönnell