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Sea Fishing - River Cottage Handbook No6

Nick Fisher

Dolphins in the Fire - A Story of Young Women at Sea - from the Log Books of the Fishing Vessel Seawitch

Robert Singleton

The Fishing Industry

W. E. Gibbs

Tales of Fishes

Zane Grey

Grizzlies Gales and Giant Salmon - Life at a Rivers Inlet Fishing Lodge

Pat Ardley

Hidden in Plain View - Recognizing the Obvious-Exploiting the Obscure in Fly Fishing

Duane Redford

The Last Marlin - The Story of a Family at Sea

Fred Waitzkin

The Last Marlin - The Story of a Family at Sea

Fred Waitzkin

An Angle on the World - Dispatches and Diversions from the New Yorker and Beyond

Bill Barich

Body of Water - A Sage a Seeker and the World's Most Elusive Fish

Chris Dombrowski

Stalking Salmon & Wrestling Drunks - Confessions of a Charter Boat Skipper

Peter L. Gordon

The Spawning Run

William Humphrey

My Moby Dick

William Humphrey

Traveling Light - A Year of Wandering from California to England and Tuscany and Back Again

Bill Barich

Bass Fishing

Nishant Baxi

Why I Hunt and Fish

John Alan Negich

Tricks of Fishing on the Roach—Pike—Perch—Chub—Tench—Carp—Bream—Dace—Trout—Grayling—Bass—Conger—Mackerel—Tope—Codling—Whiting—Dabs and Flounders


Hooked on Fly Fishing

Charles Armstrong

Gather at the River - Twenty-Five Authors on Fishing

Eric Rickstad, David Joy

Trout School - Lessons from a Fly-Fishing Master

Mark Hume

Trout from a Boat - Tips Techniques and Experiences

Dennis Moss

Nymphing - the new way - French leader fishing for trout

Jonathan White

GT - A Flyfisher's Guide to Giant Trevally

Peter McLeod

Bucktails and Fishtails - From Northern Waters and Woods

Dave Potter

Tales from The Angler's Retreat: Fly Fishing Stories from the Scottish Island of South Uist

Matthew Crampton, David Peutherer

25 Best Off-The-Beaten-Path Montana Fly Fishing Streams

Molly Semenik

25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish

Wendy Gunn, Terry Gunn

25 Best Towns Fly Fishing for Trout

Bob Mallard

Great Angling Disasters

Tom Quinn

Delphi Complete Works of Izaak Walton (Illustrated)

Izaak Walton