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Life Is Short and So Am I - My Life Inside Outside and Under the Wrestling Ring

Dylan Postl

There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Kid - How I Went from Stereotype to Prototype

Titus O’Neil

The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame - The Storytellers (From the Terrible Turk to Twitter)

Steven Johnson, Greg Oliver

Unladylike - A Grrrl's Guide to Wrestling

Heather Von Bandenburg

Self Help - Life Lessons from the Bizarre Wrestling Career of Al Snow

Al Snow, Ross Owen Williams

Death of the Territories - Expansion Betrayal and the War that Changed Pro Wrestling Forever

Tim Hornbaker


Cyrus Parker, DROPKICKpoet

Mad Dog - The Maurice Vachon Story

Bertrand Hébert, Pat Laprade

NXT - The Future Is Now

John Robinson

Accepted - How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE

Pat Patterson

Nation at Play - A History of Sport in India

Ronojoy Sen

Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken - From Photo Shoots and Sensational Stories to the WWE Network — Bill Apter’s Incredible Pro Wrestling Journey

Bill Apter

Capitol Revolution - The Rise of the McMahon Wrestling Empire

Tim Hornbaker

Wrestling for My Life - The Legend the Reality and the Faith of a WWE Superstar

Shawn Michaels

Mixed Intergender Wrestling January 2020 You Lost to a Girl

Ken Phillips

The Semi-Taboo World of Mixed Intergender Wrestling December 2019 Underground Dojo and At-Home Female Victories

Ken Phillips, Wanda Lea

Practical Escrima Knife Defense: Filipino Martial Arts Knife Defense Training - Self Defense #9

Sam Fury

Practical Arnis Stick Fighting: Vortex Control Stick Fighting for Self Defense - Self Defense #10

Sam Fury

The Head-Scissor Challenge: Female-Superior Families

Ken Phillips

Vortex Control Self Defense: Hand to Hand Combat Training Manual - Self Defense #8

Sam Fury

She Could've Knocked Me Out: 7 Strong Sexy Dominant Women

Ken Phillips

How To Do Chi Sao: Wing Chun Sticky Hands - Self Defense #5

Sam Fury

How to Win a Street Fight - Self Defense #2

Sam Fury

Basic Wing Chun Training: Wing Chun For Street Fighting and Self Defense - Self Defense #4

Sam Fury

Tall Strong & Dominant

Ken Phillips

How To Street Fight - Self Defense #1

Sam Fury

She Made Me Tap Out

Ken Phillips

How Did I End Up with a Weak Husband?

Ken Phillips

Judo Formal Techniques - A Basic Guide to Throwing and Grappling - The Essentials of Kodokan Free Practice Forms

Donn F. Draeger, Tadao Otaki


Toby Litt