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Sniper - Sniping skills from the world's elite forces

Martin J Dougherty

Archery - The #1 Beginner's Guide for Everything An Archer Needs to Know About Recurve And Compound Bows

Albert Dawson

Sea Fishing - River Cottage Handbook No6

Nick Fisher

The Old Pro Turkey Hunter

Gene Nunnery

The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter

W. D. M. Bell

Dolphins in the Fire - A Story of Young Women at Sea - from the Log Books of the Fishing Vessel Seawitch

Robert Singleton

Hunting and the Ivory Tower - Essays by Scholars Who Hunt

Douglas Higbee, David Bruzina

Ancient Hunters and Their Modern Representatives

W.J. Sollas

Two African Trips

Edward North Buxton

African Nature Notes and Reminiscences

Frederick Selous

Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa

Arthur Neumann

The Master of Game

Edward Duke of York

Irish Sport and Sportsmen

B.M. Fitzpatrick

Wild Scenes of a Hunter’s Life

John Frost

A History of the Kildare Hunt

Earl of Mayo

Bullet and Shot in Indian Forest

C.E.M. Russell

Tales of Fishes

Zane Grey

With Hound and Terrier in the Field

Alys Serrell

The Lion Hunter in the Days when All of South Africa Was Virgin Hunting Field

Ronaleyn Gordon-Cumming

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures

J. H. Patterson

The Fishing Industry

W. E. Gibbs

Hare Hunting and Harriers

H.A. Bryden

Grizzlies Gales and Giant Salmon - Life at a Rivers Inlet Fishing Lodge

Pat Ardley

Hidden in Plain View - Recognizing the Obvious-Exploiting the Obscure in Fly Fishing

Duane Redford

Full Curl - A Jenny Willson Mystery

Dave Butler

The Ethical Carnivore - My Year Killing to Eat

Louise Gray

The Last Marlin - The Story of a Family at Sea

Fred Waitzkin

The Last Marlin - The Story of a Family at Sea

Fred Waitzkin

An Angle on the World - Dispatches and Diversions from the New Yorker and Beyond

Bill Barich

Body of Water - A Sage a Seeker and the World's Most Elusive Fish

Chris Dombrowski