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A Fly Fisher's Sixty Seasons - True Tales of Angling Adventures

Steve Raymond

Hunting and the Ivory Tower - Essays by Scholars Who Hunt

Douglas Higbee, David Bruzina

The Real Wolf - The Science Politics and Economics of Coexisting with Wolves in Modern Times

Ted Lyon, Will Graves

Book of Glock - A Comprehensive Guide to America's Most Popular Handgun

Robert A. Sadowski

Learning to Ride Hunt and Show - A Step-by-Step Handbook for Riders of All Ages

Gordon Wright

Grizzlies Gales and Giant Salmon - Life at a Rivers Inlet Fishing Lodge

Pat Ardley

A River Trilogy - A Fly-Fishing Life

W. D. Wetherell

Rifle Marksmanship - A Guide to M16- and M4-Series Weapons

Department of the Army

Guns & Ammo Guide to AK-47s - A Comprehensive Guide to Shooting Accessorizing and Maintaining the Most Popular Firearm in the World

Editors of Guns & Ammo

Guns & Ammo Guide to AR-15s - A Comprehensive Guide to Black Guns

Editors of Guns & Ammo

Gun Trader's Guide to Handguns - A Comprehensive Fully Illustrated Reference for Modern Handguns with Current Market Values

Robert A. Sadowski

Selective Trout - The Last Word on Stream Entomology and Aquatic Insect Imitation

Doug Swisher, Carl Richards

Hidden in Plain View - Recognizing the Obvious-Exploiting the Obscure in Fly Fishing

Duane Redford

Predation ID Manual - Predator Kill and Scavenging Characteristics

Kurt Alt, Matthew Eckert

Wildfowl Magazine's Duck Hunting - Best of Wildfowl’s Skills Tactics and Techniques from Top Experts

Skip Knowles

The Ultimate Guide to Waterfowl Hunting - Tips Tactics and Techniques for Ducks and Geese

Tom Airhart, Eddie Kent, Kent Raymer

Full Curl - A Jenny Willson Mystery

Dave Butler

The Ethical Carnivore - My Year Killing to Eat

Louise Gray

Shooting Times Guide to Accuracy - How to Be a Top Shot with Rifle Shotgun or Handgun

Times Editors of Shooting

The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots - A Step-by-Step Guide to the Most Important Knots for Fresh and Salt Water

Joseph Healy

RifleShooter Magazine's Guide to Big-Game Hunting

Editors of RifleShooter

The Next Valley Over - An Angler's Progress

Charles Gaines

Smallmouth Bass Fishing for Everyone - How to Catch the Hardest Fighting Fish That Swims

James Root

Modern Shotgunning - The Ultimate Guide to Guns Loads and Shooting

Dave Henderson

The Whitetail Hunter's Almanac - More Than 800 Tips and Tactics to Help You Get a Deer This Season

John Weiss

The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing - A Practical Guide

Joel Spring

Incredible Fishing Stories - Classic Angling Tales from Around the World

Jay Cassell

Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping - A Comprehensive Guide to Guns Gear and Skills

Editors of Guns & Ammo

A Prepper's Guide to Rifles - How to Properly Choose Maintain and Use These Firearms in Emergency Situations

Robert K. Campbell

The Illustrated History of Guns - From First Firearms to Semiautomatic Weapons

Chuck Wills