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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic

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The Annual Migration of Clouds

Premee Mohamed

Rachel's Story - A Gripping Dystopian Saga about the Choices We Make

Leigh Russell

Zona Alfa - Salvage and Survival in the Exclusion Zone

Patrick Todoroff

Walter Tevis Sci-Fi Novels - The Man Who Fell to Earth Mockingbird The Steps of the Sun

Walter Tevis

Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Seasons

Ash Barker

Gaslands: Refuelled - Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Mayhem

Mike Hutchinson


Sean Schubert

The Rending and the Nest

Kaethe Schwehn

Kallang Basin Adagio

Khor Kuan Liang


Scott Mackay

EMPulse 3

Deborah D. Moore

The Post

Kevin A. Muñoz

The Monster Island Trilogy - Three Zombie Novels

David Wellington

EMPulse 2

Deborah D. Moore

The Rise

J. Rudolph

Sputnik’s Children - A Novel

Terri Favro

NK3 - A Novel

Michael Tolkin

The Night of the Long Knives

Fritz Leiber

Judd's Errand

Greg Krojac

Prophecy - A Message to Humanity

Rowan Knight

After London - or Wild England

Richard Jefferies

The Keepers of the House

Lester del Rey

Survivors of the Malance

Kari Kilgore

Born To Serve - Slave Chained By The Dominant Alpha

Aina Castillo

Armadeggon 1970

Geoff St. Reynard

Rise Of Night

Laura Greenwood

Maddrax: Volume 1

Sascha Vennemann, Manfred Weinland, Michael M. Thurner


LeVar Burton


Elizabeth Hand

The Dark Heritage

Henry Kuttner