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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Historical fantasy

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Prisoner of Midnight

Barbara Hambly

The Bird King - A Novel

G. Willow Wilson

A Mighty Dawn

Theodore Brun

The World's Desire

Andrew Lang and H. Rider Haggard

The Citadel of Fear

Francis Stevens

Jimbo - A Fantasy

Algernon Blackwood

A Prisoner in Fairyland

Algernon Blackwood

The King of Elfland's Daughter

Lord Dunsany

Don Rodriguez - Chronicles of Shadow Valley

Lord Dunsany

A Night in the Lonesome October

Roger Zelazny

Child of Storm

H. Rider Haggard

The Undying Monster

Jessie Douglas Kerruish

The Perfect World

Ella M. Scrymsour

Creatures of Light and Darkness

Roger Zelazny

The Last Defender of Camelot

Roger Zelazny

Oran and the Dragon Crystal - An Irish Fable

A.J. Clinton


Matthew Stringer

The Nine Unknown

Talbot Mundy

The Fantasy Super Pack #2

Philip K. Dick

When I Grow Up

Richard E. Lowe

The Psilent Partner

Edward S. Staub

Second Sight

Basil Wells