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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic

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Rikki Ducornet

Last Star Standing

Spaulding Taylor

Eleven Sooty Dreams

Manuela Draeger

Zona Alfa - Salvage and Survival in the Exclusion Zone

Patrick Todoroff

Gaslands: Refuelled - Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Mayhem

Mike Hutchinson

Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Seasons

Ash Barker

The Hawks Brothers Saga: Starting Point - Book 01

D Holland

The Disaster Tourist - A Novel

Yun Ko-eun

Teal Haven

Randi Lee Beers

Pandora: Resistance

Eric L. Harry

Shattered Skies

Alice Henderson

The Rending and the Nest

Kaethe Schwehn

Detonation Event

John Andrew Karr

Kallang Basin Adagio

Khor Kuan Liang


Scott MacKay


Eric L. Harry


Sebastian Ives

The Post

Kevin A. Muñoz


John Feffer

Downdrift - A Novel

Johanna Drucker


Eric L. Harry


Dan Vining

First-Person Singularities - Stories

Robert Silverberg

After the Flare - A Novel

Deji Bryce Olukotun

The Trees

Ali Shaw

Telling the Map - Stories

Christopher Rowe


Diane Anthony

Richard Matheson Thrillers - I Am Legend Someone is Bleeding Ride the Nightmare Fury on Sunday

Richard Matheson

Sputnik’s Children - A Novel

Terri Favro

The Last Machine in the Solar System

Matthew Isaac Sobin