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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: Steampunk

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Lands Beyond Box Set

Kin S. Law

The Return of the Discontinued Man

Mark Hodder

The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi

Mark Hodder

The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats

Mark Hodder

The Syndic

C. M. Kornbluth

A Queen of Atlantis (Serapis Classics)

Francis Atkins

Operation Outer Space

Murray Leinster

Operation Terror (Serapis Classics)

Murray Leinster

Steampunk Soldiers - The American Frontier

Philip Smith, Joseph A. McCullough

The Brass Queen

Elizabeth Chatsworth

Paradise and Iron

Miles Breuer

Gears of Change

Anthony Laken

Hawk Carse

Harry Bates, Planet 313

Dybbuk's Asylum

Jack Salva

Jupiter Space Tyrants

Thorben D. Townhouse

The Same Blood


The Extraordinary Adventures Of Frank Reade Junior 11

Luis Senarens

A Summoning of Souls

Leanna Renee Hieber

Frank Reade Junior With His New Steam Horse And The Mystery Of The Underground Ranch

Luis Senarens

Zero One - A Novel

Nicholas Nicolaides

Frank Reade Junior And His New Steam Horse - Or The Search For A Million Dollars

Luis Senarens

Executor Hunter 2: Ships' Cemetery


Executor Hunter 1: The Night of the Leviathan


Perchance to Steam

Rowan Green

Gemenicia - A Farewell to Epics

Nicholas Lovelock

Frank Reade Junior With His New Steam Horse Among The Cowboys - Or The League Of The Plains

Luis Senarens

Cerolian Sagas - The Nevarrian War

Mathew E Ruley

Astounding Stories of Super Science Volume 2 - Classic American Sci Fi February 1930

Hugh B. Cave, Captain S. P. Meek, Victor Rousseau, Harl Vincent, Charles Willard Diffin, Anthony Pelcher, Sterner St. Paul, Sophie Wenzel Ellis

Essential Novelists - Jules Verne - voyages extraordinaires

Jules Verne, August Nemo

Frank Reade Junior With His New Steam Man Chasing A Gang Of “Rustlers” - Or Wild Adventures In Montana

Luis Senarens