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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: time travel

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So You Had to Build a Time Machine

Jason Offutt

It Gives You Strength

Philip Raymond Brown

The Emperor's Men 7: Rising Sun

Dirk van den Boom


Jill C. Baker

Moral Compass To Be or Not To Be

Bryant Johnson


Tom Merritt

They Will Drown in Their Mothers' Tears

Johannes Anyuru

The Mind Portal - History Beckons

Siva G

The Emperor's Men 6: Emperor

Dirk van den Boom

You Cannot Mess This Up - A True Story That Never Happened

Amy Weinland Daughters


George Saoulidis

The Feed - A Novel

Nick Clark Windo

Time and Time Again - Sixteen Trips in Time

Robert Silverberg

Sofia and the Utopia Machine: A Novel

Judith Huang

The Emperor's Men 5: Escape

Dirk van den Boom

The Emperor's Men 4: Uprising

Dirk van den Boom

Beyond: Time

Scott Overton

Saoghal Eile (Another World)

Màiri E Nicleòid

The Rise and Fall of DODO - A Novel

Neal Stephenson, Nicole Galland

The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats

Mark Hodder

The Return of the Discontinued Man

Mark Hodder

Flawed Machines

J. Tyler Copeland

The Island Deception

Dan Koboldt

The Speed of Life

Richard Jobson

The Legend and Adventures of Tae and Kwon - Time travel martial arts adventure!

Ron Shears

The Time Traders - Ross Murdock Bk 1

Andre Norton

The Emperor's Men 3: Passage

Dirk van den Boom

Dialogue Prompt "We Are Not Alone In The Universe"

Bryant Johnson

Night of the Animals - A Novel

Bill Broun

The Citadel of Weeping Pearls

Aliette de Bodard