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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: aliens / UFOs

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Fighting The Machines: Book 1 Escape - Book 1 Escape

David Adams

The Moon Maid

Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Winds of Time

James H. Schmitz

The Lotus Eaters

Stanley G. Weinbaum


James H. Schmitz

The Door Through Space

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Invaders from the Infinite

John W. Campbell

Parasite Planet

Stanley G. Weinbaum

The Star Hyacinths

James H. Schmitz

The Black Star Passes

John W. Campbell


Harry Harrison

Islands of Space

John W. Campbell

Deathworld 2: The Ethical Engineer

Harry Harrison


Isaac Asimov

The Ultimate Weapon

John W. Campbell

Diplomatic Immunity

Robert Sheckley

Planet of the Damned

Harry Harrison

A Martian Odyssey

Stanley G. Weinbaum

The Peacemaker

Alfred Coppel

Uniform of a Man

Dave Dryfoos

To Choke An Ocean

J. F. Bone

Thy Name Is Woman

Kenneth O’Hara

The Talkative Tree

H. B. Fyfe

Worlds of If Super Pack #3

H. B. Fyfe, Milton Lesser, Arthur Dekker Savage, August Derleth, Alan E. Nourse, James Blish, Jr. James Mckimmey, Keith Laumer, Maria Wolf, Boyd Ellanby, Alvin Heiner, Don Berry, Mack Reynolds, Kenneth O’Hara, Dave Dryfoos, Jim Harmon, Mark Clifton, R. A. Lafferty, Russ Winterbotham, Richard Wilson, Alex Apostolides, Alfred Coppel, Frank M. Robinson, Ralph Sholto, Russell Burton, Robert Moore Williams, Charles Fontenay, Winston Marks, Jerome Bixby, Andersen Horne, L. Major Reynolds, J. F. Bone

Atom Drive

Charles Fontenay

Double Take

Richard Wilson


Arthur Dekker Savage

An Empty Bottle

Maria Wolf

The Doppler Effect - And Other Stories

Allen Steele

The Small World of M-75

Jr. Ed M. Clinton