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Merlin - Private Investigator

John Lillie

The Everafter Wish

Rachel Morgan

Elemental Power

Rachel Morgan

A Demon's Wing - a Lion Shifters novel

Vered Ehsani, Ella Wilde

A King's Pride - a Lion Shifters novel

Vered Ehsani, Ella Wilde

A Lion's Cage - a Lion Shifters novel

Vered Ehsani, Ella Wilde

Elemental Thief

Rachel Morgan

All Good Things - The Split Worlds - Book Five

Emma Newman

A Little Knowledge - The Split Worlds - Book Four

Emma Newman

Demon Child - Celestial Battle: Book Two

Kylie Chan

Between Two Thorns - The Split Worlds - Book One

Emma Newman

Any Other Name - The Split Worlds - Book Two

Emma Newman

All is Fair - The Split Worlds - Book Three

Emma Newman

Mark of the Empress

M. Dalto

The Brilliant Dark - The Realms of Ancient Book 3

S.M. Beiko

The Realms of Ancient Collection

S.M. Beiko

Bloodborne Awakened

Tracey Laviolette


Mckayla Eaton

The Solterian Keeper and the Enchanted Talisman

R.K. Appling

The Reflections of Us

Sydney Paige Richardson

The Memory Thief

Rachel Morgan

The Queen of Witches

Brandi Elledge


Vivian Lane

The Werewolf Queen

Brandi Elledge


Gilberto Noll João

Altered Straits

Kevin Martens Wong

The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-Two-The Cauldron of Ceridwen - A Urban Fantasy Adventure Series

Lady Ellen

Kobolds & Cobblestones - Fantasy Gang Rumbles

Robert Burman

The Fairy Stepmother Inc

Maggie Hoyt

Mind the Gap - A Novel of the Hidden Cities

Tim Lebbon, Christopher Golden