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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: Space opera

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The Lost Pilot

T S Paul

The Forgotten Engineer

T S Paul

Engineering Murder

T S Paul

Ghosts of War - Retribution

Paul Robinson

The Amaranth Chronicles - Deviant Rising

Alexander Barnes, Christopher Preiman

Evian Rising - Chapter 1 - The Traveling Chaos

Latravious Calloway


Homer Hickam

Coexistence - Pipettes & Plows 1

Shree C. Aier

The Many Worlds of T S Paul

T S Paul

Summoning the Fox

E. H. Plummer


T S Paul

Imperial Subversion

T S Paul

New Beginnings - Series Starter Set

T S Paul

The Martian Inheritance

T S Paul

Prelude to War

T S Paul

The End Tastes Like Pancakes - A Mythological Space Adventure

Russell Nohelty

Every Planet Has a Godschurch - A Mythological Space Adventure

Russell Nohelty

There's Every Reason to Fear - A Mythological Space Adventure

Russell Nohelty

Katrina Hates the Universe - A Mythological Space Adventure

Russell Nohelty

Agents of the Imperial Special Investigation Service

Stephen Goldin

A Matter of Oaths

Helen S. Wright

Ghost Ships of Terra

T S Paul


T S Paul

Galaga - The original screenplay

Robert McTyre Jr

The Second Death of Daedalus Mole

Niall Slater

Deceptions and Lies

P.E. Sibley


Marina J. Lostetter

The Ostinato Trilogy - A Texan Space Opera

Greg Alldredge

Seven Day War

Greg Alldredge

The Traveler's Cup

AC Baldwin