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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic

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Prophets of the Ghost Ants

Clark Thomas Carlton

Lilith's Brood - The Complete Xenogenesis Trilogy

Octavia E. Butler


Nancy Springer

The Coming

Joe Haldeman


Steven R. Boyett

Futureland - Nine Stories of an Imminent World

Walter Mosley

At Winter's End

Robert Silverberg

The Backlash Mission

Timothy Zahn


Timothy Zahn


Timothy Zahn

Swan Song

Robert R. McCammon

Regeneration - An Echo Hunter 367 Novel

Stacey Berg

The Blazing World

Margaret Cavendish

Into Winter - The Armed Invasion

Larry Landgraf

The War in the Air

H. G. Wells


Gabriel Wolf

Dance with the Dead

Gabriel Wolf

The Spiny Empire - The Empire of the Unknown

Edith Stickman

Seven Seals Redux Books 5-7

Connie Myres

After the Flare - A Novel

Bryce Olukotun Deji

Seven Seals Redux Books 4-7

Connie Myres

Seven Seals Redux - The Complete Apocalyptic Novel Series

Connie Myres


Russ Crossley

Trumpets - Seven Seals Redux #7

Connie Myres

The New Springtime - The Complete Series

Robert Silverberg

The Lovers * Dark Is the Sun * Riders of the Purple Wage - Three Powerful Science Fiction Classics

Philip José Farmer

The Trees

Ali Shaw

When the English Fall - A Novel

David Williams

Thirteen Tales - Horror and Post-apocalyptic Short Stories with a Soupcon of Sci-fi

James Noll


Diane Anthony