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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: time travel

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The Time Slipsters

terry tumbler

First-Person Singularities - Stories

Robert Silverberg

Decoherence - A Time & Shadows Mystery

Liana Brooks

Time in My Pocket

Gina Dewink

The Fourth Time Travel MEGAPACK®

Avram Davidson, R. A. Lafferty, Fritz Leiber, Ron Goulart, Keith Laumer

The Book of Kells

R. A. MacAvoy

The Day Before

Liana Brooks

The Magic Phone

Gary Welch

The Shadow Hunter

Pat J. J. Murphy

Shadow of Ashland

Terence M. Green

Undoing Life

Amy Engle

The Beyond Now Device - A Fictional Exploration Of Time

Mark Hollock

Greenwich - The Final Project

Stephen Goldhahn

The Timeline Wars - The Complete Series

John Barnes

The Ashland Trilogy - Shadow of Ashland A Witness to Life and St Patrick's Bed

Terence M. Green

The Emperor's Men 3: Passage

Dirk van den Boom

A Flash in Time - A Novel

Michael K. Shay

Diary of a Robot

Gabriel Wolf

From the Depths of Time - Part Two

Marius A. Smith

When The Sea-King’s Away

Fritz Leiber

The Unholy Grail

Fritz Leiber

The Wolf Pack

Fritz Leiber

The Ship Sails At Midnight

Fritz Leiber

Lean Times in Lankhmar

Fritz Leiber

The Cloud of Hate

Fritz Leiber

Later Than You Think

Fritz Leiber

Scream Wolf

Fritz Leiber

Schizo Jimmie

Fritz Leiber

Damnation Morning

Fritz Leiber

From the Depths of Time - Part One

Marius A. Smith