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Lady Superior

Alex Ziebart

Dead Man's Hand - Ace Stubble #1

Richard Levesque

The Sands of Time - Angel Series Spin-Off #1

Melanie Tomlin

Dream Flight - The Heroka stories #3

Douglas Smith

Unlucky Number Four - The Fortune Cookie Diaries #3

T.J. Loveless

Alpha Squad: Boot Camp - Alpha Squad #1

Lorelei Moone

Annamation (Book 1) - Annamation: A New Weird Urban Fantasy #1

Richard Wolanski

A Mentor's Monster - Assassin Games #1

Michael D McAuley

Guidance of Rasmiyah - The High Arc

Jessica Cage

Lion's Shadow - Redemption #5

A.L. Tyler

Fantastic Five

Rita Schulz, R.S. Meger

Kiss the Dragon (Maidens Book One)

Michelle Fox

Superguy - Superpowers #1

T. Jackson King

Bring Her Wolf (Werewolf Romance)

Michelle Fox

A Change Of Heart - The Royal Blood Chronicles #1

Mark Benjamin

Dark Horse - Lords of Shifters #3

Angela Carlie

Truthsight - The Outcast Mage #1

Miriam Greystone

The Catcher's Trap

Ricardo Henriquez

The Medusa Files Collection: Books 7 8 and 9

C.I. Black

A Dozen Black Roses

Nancy A. Collins

Hellbound in Vegas

Boone Brux

Fae Street - Paranormal Subdivision #2

Anjela Renee

Giving Up the Ghosts - Coffee and Ghosts Season One #2

Charity Tahmaseb

Daddy is an Undertaker - Poker Boy #10

Dean Wesley Smith

The Empty Mummy Murders - Poker Boy #16

Dean Wesley Smith

Carpe Tempus

Daniel Adorno

Counter-Hex - Covencraft #2

Margarita Gakis

The Longest Con

Michaelbrent Collings

M&K Tracking - Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker #4

Kate Danley

Eyes Of Red - The Horror Diaries #12

Heather Beck