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The Immortal Who Loved Me - An Argeneau Novel

Lynsay Sands

The Myriad Resistance - The Tesla Gate Book II

John D. Mimms

The Godmother

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

New Watch - Book Five

Sergei Lukyanenko

The Outlaw Demon Wails

Kim Harrison

Flannel: Worlds Apart

Aden Rossinni

The Inventor's Clone

Blythe Ayne

With Her in Ourland

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

An Unattractive Vampire

Jim McDoniel

Snake Agent

Liz Williams

Pale Demon

Kim Harrison

The Stolen - An American Faerie Tale

Bishop O'Connell

The Accidental Vampire

Lynsay Sands

The Lady Is a Vamp - An Argeneau Novel

Lynsay Sands

The Rogue Hunter

Lynsay Sands

Theshela: Born for Destiny

Crystal R. Brown


Steve Aylett

Pet Shop Boys - A Short Story

Kim Harrison


J. F. Bone

Star Performer

Robert J. Shea

Epiphany - THE SILVERING - A return to the Currency of Kindness

Sonya Deanna Terry

The Silent Tower

Barbara Hambly

Precious Dragon

Liz Williams

Demon Child - Celestial Battle: Book Two

Kylie Chan

Mr Smith Isn't Afraid of the Dark

Jacob Cox


Cornelia Katina Gail

Sandman Slim - A Novel

Richard Kadrey

The Continent of Lies

James Morrow

The Testament of Jessie Lamb

Jane Rogers

Metal Angel

Nancy Springer