Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: time travel

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The Record of Currupira

Robert Abernathy


Stoney Compton

The Amazing Mrs Mimms

David C. Knight


H. Rider Haggard


Nev Fountain

Dark Contender - The Devil's Assistant #4

HD Smith

Omega Chronicles

Nathan Burton

Shoreline of Infinity 6 - Shoreline of Infinity science fiction magazine #6

Noel Chidwick


Greg Bear

The Cat's Pajamas - And Other Stories

James Morrow

The Ardath Mayhar MEGAPACK®: 38 Fantastic Stories

Ardath Mayhar

Caesar's Bicycle

John Barnes

Lost in Times - Tales of the Neverwar

CJ Rutherford, Colin Rutherford

The Iceberg Timefold

Miguel Gámez

Mount Emily

Low Ying Ping

Showdown - The Time Trap Series - Book Two

Deborah Chester, Sean Dalton

The Hollows of Time

Christopher H. Bidmead

Twinned Universes - Catalyst Chronicles #2

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Celtic Crossing - Beloved Bloody Time #5

Tracy Cooper-Posey

This Time Together

Gillian Doyle

Grist Vergette's Curious Clock

David Carter

Bloody Betty Queen of the Pirates - The Woman from LIPS

Russ Crossley

Club27 Day0 - Club27 #0

karl bourdiec

Space Storm

Gary Weston


David Gerrold

Sailing to Byzantium - Six Novellas

Robert Silverberg

Capricious Gods

B L Barger

Enemy Aliens

Alan Barnes

The Mating Challenge - Vanished Series #2

Jami Brumfield

Point of Entry

Barbara Clegg, Marc Platt