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Search the Seven Hills - The Quirinal Affair

Barbara Hambly


Robin McKinley

The Cat's Pajamas - And Other Stories

James Morrow

The Damiano Trilogy - Damiano Damiano's Lute and Raphael

R. A. MacAvoy

Wraiths of Time

Andre Norton

City of Dragons - Volume Three of the Rain Wilds Chronicles

Robin Hobb

Future Indefinite

Dave Duncan

Traveling with the Dead

Barbara Hambly

Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone

Ian McDonald

Turtle Recall - The Discworld Companion So Far

Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs

Changer's Moon

Jo Clayton

The Stricken Field

Dave Duncan

The Fifth of November

L. A. G. Strong

On Wings of Magic

Andre Norton, Patricia Mathews, Sasha Miller


Andre Norton

The Prince Commands - Being Sundry Adventures of Michael Karl Sometime Crown Prince & Pretender to the Thrown of Morvania

Andre Norton

Odd Girl Out

Timothy Zahn

The Heir of Night - The Wall of Night Book One

Helen Lowe

Alien Plot - A Short Story Collection

Piers Anthony

Memory of Water - A Novel

Emmi Itäranta

The Threshold

Marlys Millhiser

Galaxies Like Grains of Sand

Brian W Aldiss


Jack McDevitt


Greg Bear

Magicians of Gor

John Norman

Dragonfield - And Other Stories

Jane Yolen

The Tesla Gate

John D Mimms

The Amtrak Wars: First Family - The Talisman Prophecies Part 2

Patrick Tilley

Twisting the Rope

R. A. MacAvoy

The Sopaths

Piers Anthony