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The Beyond

Jeffrey Ford

The Armies of Daylight

Barbara Hambly

Children of Scarabaeus

Sara Creasy

Voice of Our Shadow

Jonathan Carroll

From the Dust Returned

Ray Bradbury

The Last Man

Mary Shelley

King Javan's Year

Katherine Kurtz

The Amtrak Wars: Earth-Thunder - The Talisman Prophecies 6

Patrick Tilley

The Gate of the Cat

Andre Norton

The Harp of Imach Thyssel

Patricia C. Wrede

Aestival Tide

Elizabeth Hand

In the Blood

Nancy A. Collins

The Planet Killers - Three Novels of the Spaceways

Robert Silverberg

Star Marines

Ian Douglas

Castle in the Air

Diana Wynne Jones

The Death of Nnanji

Dave Duncan


Fiona McIntosh

Vagabonds of Gor

John Norman

The Palace

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Tek Net

William Shatner

Ware Hawk

Andre Norton


Mack Maloney

Wild Nights

Emma Tennant

City of Fae - A London Fae Novel

Pippa DaCosta

The Lives of Christopher Chant

Diana Wynne Jones

Desert Rising

Kelley Grant

Hot Sky at Midnight

Robert Silverberg


Alan Dean Foster

You & Me - A Novel

Padgett Powell


Stephen Baxter