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Bound by Prophecy - Bound Series #3

Stormy Smith

Haunted World

P. M. Griffin

A Wizard's Forge

A M Justice

The Final Storm

Mack Maloney

The Demon Way - Blood Moon #2

Madelynne Ellis

Adam's Cross - Witchfinder #1

E.M.G Wixley

Providence Unveiled - Memory's Wake Trilogy #3

Selina Fenech

Where Did They Go? - The World of Vesda

A. Nation

The Prime of Deacon Brodie

Roy Gill

The Waiting Booth - Whispering Woods #1

Brinda Berry

Far Endeavor - The Windflower Saga #9

Aleksandra Layland

Runner's Moon: Challa - The Runner's Moon Series #4

Linda Mooney

Dust: Revised and Expanded Edition

Allison M. Dickson

The Shrine of Avooblis - The Adventurers' Academy #2

Charles Streams

Juice Cubes Unofficial Player's Guide: The Ultimate Player's Guide for How to Play Download Juice Cubes with Best Tips Tricks and Hints

Jack Adams

The Dark Issue 8 - The Dark #8

Jack Fisher, Sean Wallace

White Chief Of The Mandans

Loren Robinson

2084: The Chronicles of Hope

Breeze Robert

The Path of Earth (Quests Book 4) - Silvery Earth

Barbara G.Tarn

The Singularity: Revolutionary - The Singularity #4

David Beers

Fox and Hound

Leah Cutter

Icarus Descending

Elizabeth Hand

Sapphire's Destiny - The Realms Series #1

S.L. Perryman

Werewolves & Wisteria - Hawthorn Witches #3

A.L. Tyler

Cookbook From Hell: Reheated - Deities Anonymous #1

M. L. Buchman

At The End (After The End Prequel) - After The End

T.K. Reilley

Found The Lost Ones - Saga Four

A. Nation

Krondor the Assassins - Book Two Of The Riftwar Legacy

Raymond E. Feist

The Golden Age of Weird Fiction MEGAPACK ™ Vol 6: Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith

Everything Must Go

La JohnJoseph