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The Beyond

Jeffrey Ford

The Catswold Portal

Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Dark Lord of Derkholm

Diana Wynne Jones

Uncharted Stars

Andre Norton

T2: The Future War

S.M. Stirling

The Queen of the Tearling

Erika Johansen

Mistress of Winter

Giles Carwyn, Todd Fahnestock

Blood and Memory

Fiona McIntosh

Across a Billion Years

Robert Silverberg

The Amtrak Wars: Earth-Thunder - The Talisman Prophecies 6

Patrick Tilley

Android at Arms

Andre Norton

Aestival Tide

Elizabeth Hand

In the Blood

Nancy A. Collins

The Planet Killers - Three Novels of the Spaceways

Robert Silverberg

Year's Best SF 8

David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer

Caesar's Bicycle

John Barnes

Divine Sarah

Adam Braver

The Death of Nnanji

Dave Duncan

Hôtel Transylvania - A Timeless Novel of Love and Peril

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro


Greg Bear

Brightness Falls From the Air

James Tiptree


Mack Maloney

Wild Nights

Emma Tennant

Castle in the Air

Diana Wynne Jones

Dragon Haven - Volume Two of the Rain Wilds Chronicles

Robin Hobb

The Skies Discrowned and An Epitaph in Rust - The Complete Novels

Tim Powers

Breaking Point

James Gunn


Alan Dean Foster


Maureen F. McHugh

The God Hunter - A Field Ops Novel

Tim Lees