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The ABC of Relativity

Bertrand Russell

Einstein's Unfinished Symphony - The Story of a Gamble Two Black Holes and a New Age of Astronomy

Marcia Bartusiak

Summary of The God Equation - by Michio Kaku - The Quest for a Theory of Everything - A Comprehensive Summary

Alexander Cooper

A Dream for a Century - Big Bang and Relativity

Jinsuk Kim

Special relativity

Alessio Mangoni

Relativity - The Special and The General Theory A Popular Exposition

Albert Einstein

Newton's Principia - The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

The foundation of the generalized theory of relativity

Albert Einstein

The Reality of Time and Einstein’s Spider Web

Rocco Vittorio Macri

When Gravity Breaks Down

Balungi Francis

Relativity decays and electromagnetic fields

Alessio Mangoni

Relativity: The Special and General Theory

Albert Einstein

From Newton to Einstein - The Changing Conceptions of the Universe

Albert Einstein, Benjamin Harrow, Arthur Stanley Eddington, Joseph Sweetman Ames, Joseph John Thomson, Frank Watson Dyson

FLATLAND - A Romance of Many Dimensions - the distinguished Chiron edition

Edwin A. Abbott

The Mathematical Theory of Relativity

Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington

The Einstein Theory of Relativity - University of Leyden

Prof. H. A. Lorentz

Science at the Crossroads - A Rational Scrutiny of the Clock Paradox in Einstein’s Relativity

Herbert Dingle

Relativity from Lorentz to Einstein - A Guide for Beginners Perplexed and Experimental Scientists

Alberto Palazzi

Hawking Radiation 3

Roman Andie