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TESLA: Inventions Researches and Writings - Lectures Studies Articles on Experiments Inventions Patents & Letters with Autobiography

Nikola Tesla, Thomas Commerford Martin

Video-Recorded investigative interview of child victims of sexual abuse - Fundamentals and technical guidance for its implementation

FundaciĆ³n Amparo y Justicia

Mines and Miners of Cornwall and Devon - The Tin and Copper Industries

Anthony Burton

British Naval Weapons of World War Two Volume III - Coastal Forces Weapons

Norman Friedman

The Thames at War - Saving London From the Blitz

Gustav Milne

GenTech - An American Story of Technology Change and Who We Really Are (1900-Present)

Rick Chromey

The Dawn of the Drone - From the Back-Room Boys of World War One

Steve Mills

How to Catch a Lobster in Downeast Maine

Christina Lemieux Oragona

Space Exploration - A History in 100 Objects

Sten Odenwald

Southern Maunsell 4-4-0 Classes - (L D1 E1 L1 and V)

David Maidment

The Great Eastern Railway in South Essex - A Definitive History

Charles Phillips

The Modified Bulleid Pacifics

Tim Hillier-Graves

An Encyclopaedia of British Bridges

David McFetrich

The Real World of Victorian Steampunk - Steam Planes & Radiophones

Simon Webb

British Naval Weapons of World War Two Volume I - Destroyer Weapons

Norman Friedman

ColdFusion Presents: New Thinking - From Einstein to Artificial Intelligence the Science and Technology That Transformed Our World

Dagogo Altraide

Patently Mathematical - Picking Partners Passwords and Careers by the Numbers

Jeff Suzuki

Cork Wars - Intrigue and Industry in World War II

David A. Taylor

The Engineering Revolution - How the Modern World was Changed by Technology

Angus Buchanan

How to Speak Science - Gravity Relativity and Other Ideas That Were Crazy Until Proven Brilliant

Bruce Benamran

The Secret History of RDX - The Super-Explosive that Helped Win World War II

Colin F. Baxter

What the Future Looks Like - Scientists Predict the Next Great Discoveries and Reveal How Today's Breakthroughs Are Already Shaping Our World

Jim Al-Khalili

Before the Refrigerator - How We Used to Get Ice

Jonathan Reese

How to Fix the Future

Andrew Keen

Typewriters - Iconic Machines from the Golden Age of Mechanical Writing

Anthony Casillo

Edison vs Tesla - The Battle over Their Last Invention

Joel Martin

Microsoft Secrets - An Insider's View of the Rocket Ride from Worst to First and Lessons Learned on the Journey

Dave Jaworski

Operational Risk & Control (ORC) Best Practice Framework

John Kabaa

Cultured Meat - How Can We Grow a Breast or a Wing Instead of a Whole Chicken?

Fouad Sabry

Closed Ecological Systems - How the Resources Accessible to Life Can Be Used over and over Again?

Fouad Sabry