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The Contact Paradox - Challenging our Assumptions in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Keith Cooper

Alien Oceans - The Search for Life in the Depths of Space

Kevin Hand

A Cloud a Day

Gavin Pretor-Pinney

Dark Skies - A Journey into the Wild Night

Tiffany Francis-Baker

Fundamentals of Galaxy Dynamics Formation and Evolution

Ignacio Ferreras

Catching Stardust - Comets Asteroids and the Birth of the Solar System

Natalie Starkey

Cosmic Impact - Understanding the Threat to Earth from Asteroids and Comets

Andrew May

The Planet Factory - Exoplanets and the Search for a Second Earth

Elizabeth Tasker

Life on Mars - What to Know Before We Go

David A. Weintraub

4th Rock from the Sun - The Story of Mars

Nicky Jenner

Know Your Clouds

Tim Harris

The Secret Life of Stars - Astrophysics for Everyone

Lisa Harvey-Smith

The Eagle has Landed - Celebrating 50years since man stepped on the Moon

Peter Murray

The Story of Apollo

David Wildish

Going Underground: The Science And History Of Falling Through The Earth - The Science and History of Falling through the Earth

Martin Beech

See It with a Small Telescope - 101 Cosmic Wonders Including Planets Moons Comets Galaxies Nebulae Star Clusters and More

Will Kalif

Being in the Shadow - Stories of the First-Time Total Eclipse Experience

Kate Russo

Searching for Dark Matter with Cosmic Gamma Rays

Andrea Albert

An Illustrated Guide to Making Magic Lanterns and Telescopes

Various Authors