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Dinosaurs & the prehistoric world: general interest

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The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs - A New History of a Lost World

Steve Brusatte

Bring Back the King - The New Science of De-extinction

Helen Pilcher

The Tyrannosaur Chronicles - The Biology of the Tyrant Dinosaurs

David Hone

Weird Dinosaurs - The Strange New Fossils Challenging Everything We Thought We Knew

John Pickrell

Drums Along the Congo - On the Trail of Mokele-Mbembe the Last Living Dinosur

Rory Nugent

The Search for the Pink Headed-Duck - A Journey into the Himalayas and Down the Brahmaputra

Rory Nugent

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs: Triassic Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods

My Ebook Publishing House

How to Clone a Mammoth - The Science of De-Extinction

Beth Shapiro

Flying Dinosaurs - How Fearsome Reptiles Became Birds

John Pickrell

Dinosaurs Without Bones - Dinosaur Lives Revealed by Their Trace Fossils

Anthony J. Martin

T rex and the Crater of Doom

Walter Alvarez

No Turning Back - The Extinction Scenario

Richard Ellis

Dino Safari - Fun Places for Adults and Children to Learn about Dinosaurs

R.L. Jones

Yeti - The Himalayan Bigfoot

Sreechinth C

Prehistoric Origami - Dinosaurs and Other Creatures

John Montroll

Submerged History - Underwater Archaeology in Florida

Roger C. Smith

El Chupacabra

Amy Delaney

Callings - Projection #5

I M Gardner

Prehistoric Men

Robert J. Braidwood

The Prehistoric World; Or Vanished races

Emory Adams Allen

Origami Dinosaur - Prehistoric Fun for Everyone!: Origami Book with 20 Fun Projects and Printable Origami Papers: Great for Kids and Parents

Michael G. LaFosse

Dinosaurs: Fun Facts Photos and Trivia about Dinosaurs for Kids

Franz Hoffmann

Snakes: A Fun & Informative Snakes Book for Kids

Jessica R. Lambert

The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book

Patricia Barnes-Svarney, Thomas E. Svarney

A Mesozoic Adventure

John C. Briggs

Wild Life

Pat Neal