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Dark Data - Why What You Don’t Know Matters

David J. Hand

The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management - Harnessing Data to Improve Guest Service and Enhance the Employee Experience

Mark Maynard, Alex M. Susskind

Neo4j - A Graph Project Story

Nicolas Mervaillie, Sylvain Roussy, Nicolas Rouyer, Frank Kutzler

Raspberry PI 3 - A Quick-Start Beginner's Guide

Andy Hayes

Python Machine Learning - A Practical Beginner's Guide to Understanding Machine Learning Deep Learning and Neural Networks with Python Scikit-Learn Tensorflow and Keras

Brandon Railey

Outnumbered - From Facebook and Google to Fake News and Filter-bubbles – The Algorithms That Control Our Lives

David Sumpter

Monitored - Business and Surveillance in a Time of Big Data

Peter Bloom

Machine Learning for Beginners - An Introduction for Beginners Why Machine Learning Matters Today and How Machine Learning Networks Algorithms Concepts and Neural Networks Really Work

Steven Cooper

The Rise of Nerd Politics - Digital Activism and Political Change

John Postill

How To Learn Microsoft SQL Server Quickly!

Andrei Besedin

Everybody Lies - Big Data New Data and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Neural Networks - Neural Networks Tools and Techniques for Beginners

John Slavio

How To Mine Bitcoin: - Learn How To Mine Cryptocurrency

Patt Tomas

Business Value in an Ocean of Data - Data Mining from a User Perspective

Bulcsú Fajszi, László Cser, Tamás Fehér

Nios4 WEB API -

Davide Andreoli


Gessica Monteforte

Nios4 - Official guide

Davide Sbreviglieri

R Programming - a Comprehensive Guide - Software

Editor IJSMI

Data Analytics For Beginners


Data Science Fundamentals and Practical Approaches: Understand Why Data Science Is the Next

Dr. Gypsy Nandi, Dr. Rupam Kumar Sharma

Using Access 2019 - The Step-by-step Guide to Using Microsoft Access 2019

Kevin Wilson

SQL For Dummies:A Complete Guide with A 7-Day Crash Course for SQL Server and Database Fundamentals

Michael Brown

Database Design and Implementation with MS SQL Server

Husni Fazeel

How to build your relationship very strong with your loved one


Machine Learning Interview Questions

Tech Interviews

Python Programming : A Comprehensive Crash Course in Python for Absolute Beginners

Peter van Dijk

Data Science for Business Professionals: A Practical Guide for Beginners

Probyto Data Science and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Linux : A Comprehensive Crash Course on Linux System Programming For Beginners - Installation Configuration and Command Line Basics

Guillem Ross

Python Programming for Beginners 2020:The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide With Step-by-Step Guidance And Hands-On Exercises Practical Programming for Total Beginners

Nathaniel A. Jean

Artificial Intelligence and Life: A Complete Guide to the Basic Concepts in AI Neural Networks Machine Learning and Data Science

Hans Weber