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Lead your Boss from Below - How Employees without a Superior function Influence Organizational Cultures & quietly Convince others Rhetoric Communication & Behavior Analysis

Simone Janson

Seeds of Science - Why We Got It So Wrong On GMOs

Mark Lynas

An Introduction to Metal-Working (Illustrated)

J.C. Pearson

Make It Right - 5 Steps to Align Your Manufacturing Business from the Frontline to the Bottom Line

Kevin Snook

ESSE 2017 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Science and Sustainable Energy Edby ZhaoYang Dong

Yong Wang

The Story of Silk

Dr John Kershaw

Eating Promiscuously - Adventures in the Future of Food

James McWilliams


Ted Bruning

Kaizen Theory

IntroBooks Team

101 Bladesmithing Mistakes: Knife Making Mistakes That Ruin Your Knives and How to Avoid Them

Wes Sander

Disruptive Innovation

IntroBooks Team

3D PRINTING SOLUTIONS: The Complete Step by Step Guide to Diagnosing and Fixing All 3D Printing Failures

Allen N. Hill

Blockchain Technology Revolution in Business Explained: Why You Need to Start Investing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for your Business Right Now

Bob Mather

Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Knifemaking Questions About Forging Stock Removal Tools and Heat Treatment

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing Secrets: What Every Bladesmith Should Know Before Making His Next Knife

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing From Scrap Metal: How to Make Knives With Leaf Springs Saw Blades Railroad Spikes and Files

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: Bladesmithing for Beginners: Make Your First Knife in 7 Steps

Wes Sander

Lean Six Sigma: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Six Sigma Lean Enterprise and Lean Manufacturing with Tools Included for Increased Efficiency and Higher Customer Satisfaction

James Edge

Food and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century - Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Iain Young, Helen Macbeth, Paul Collinson, Lucy Antal

A Guide to Crickets of Australia

David Rentz, You Ning Su

Knife Making: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Knife Making for Beginner Intermediate and Advanced Bladesmiths - Knife Making Mastery

Wes Sander

Essential Guide to Metals and Manufacturing

Krishan Katyal

Forty Centuries of Ink

David Nunes Carvalho

Bladesmithing: Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Forge Pattern Welded Damascus Swords Japanese Blades and Make Sword Scabbards - Knife Making Mastery #3

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: Beginner + Intermediate Guide to Bladesmithing - Bladesmithing Compendium for Beginners and Intermediate Level Knife Makers

Wes Sander

Metallurgical Engineering

Manoj Dole

Textile Engineering

Manoj Dole

Manufacturing Engineering

Manoj Dole

Chemical Engineering

Manoj Dole

Intermediate Guide to Bladesmithing: Make Knives Swords and Forge Damascus - Knife Making Mastery #2

Wes Sander