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The Story of the Dinosaurs in 25 Discoveries - Amazing Fossils and the People Who Found Them

Donald R. Prothero

Hot Carbon - Carbon-14 and a Revolution in Science

John F. Marra

Vanishing Ice - Glaciers Ice Sheets and Rising Seas

Vivien Gornitz

Drought - An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Ben Cook

One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe

William Boyd Carpenter

Life of Inland Waters - An Elementary Text Book of Fresh-Water Biology For Students

James G. Needham

Overrun - Dispatches from the Asian Carp Crisis

Andrew Reeves

Research and Design of Snow Hydrology Sensors and Instrumentation - Selected Research Papers

Raman K. Attri

Reading the Rocks - How Victorian Geologists Discovered the Secret of Life

Brenda Maddox

Seismic Instrumentation Design - Selected Research Papers on Basic Concepts

Raman K. Attri

18 Miles - The Epic Drama of Our Atmosphere and Its Weather

Christopher Dewdney

The Universe as It Really Is - Earth Space Matter and Time

Thomas R Scott

The Green Marble - Earth System Science and Global Sustainability

David Turner

Primitive Mythology

Joseph Campbell

4th Rock from the Sun - The Story of Mars

Nicky Jenner

The Phantom Atlas - The Greatest Myths Lies and Blunders on Maps

Edward Brooke-Hitching

The Voyage of the Beagle

Charles Darwin

Coral Reefs

Charles Darwin

Volcanic Islands

Charles Darwin

First Lessons in Natural Philosophy - For Beginners

Joseph C. Martindale

On the Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals By

Charles Darwin

The Effects of Cross & Self-Fertilisation in the Vegetable Kingdom

Charles Darwin

The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants

Charles Darwin

Geological Observations on South America

Charles Darwin

The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Action of Worms

Charles Darwin

The Oil Conquest of the World

Frederick Talbot

The Story of the Earth in 25 Rocks - Tales of Important Geological Puzzles and the People Who Solved Them

Donald R. Prothero

The Practice of Reproducible Research - Case Studies and Lessons from the Data-Intensive Sciences

Justin Kitzes

The Mountains That Remade America - How Sierra Nevada Geology Impacts Modern Life

Craig H. Jones

Evolution - What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters

Donald R. Prothero