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Hot Carbon - Carbon-14 and a Revolution in Science

John F. Marra

Adulteration Analysis of Some Foods and Drugs

Alankar Shrivastava

Evolution and Geological Significance of Larger Benthic Foraminifera

Dr Marcelle K. BouDagher-Fadel

Quick Guideline for Computational Drug Design

Sheikh Arslan Sehgal, A. Hammad Mirza, Rana Adnan Tahir

Environmental Success Stories - Solving Major Ecological Problems and Confronting Climate Change

Frank Dunnivant

A Journey Through Water: A Scientific Exploration of the Most Anomalous Liquid on Earth

Jestin Baby Mandumpal

An Account Of Thermodynamic Entropy

Alberto Gianinetti

A is for Arsenic - The Poisons of Agatha Christie

Kathryn Harkup

Strange Glow - The Story of Radiation

Timothy J. Jorgensen

No Fifth Horseman

Brian Viner

The Plastics Paradox - Facts for a Brighter Future

Chris DeArmitt

Henley's Formulas Recipes and Processes - Applied Chemistry: Methods and Formulas for Everyday Practical Use

Various Various

Think Physics: Beginner's Guide to an Amazingly Wide Range of Fundamental Physics Related Questions

Balungi Francis

RealTimeLess - Science or Science-Fiction?

Chantal Spleiss

Sticking Together - The Science of Adhesion

Steven Abbott

How to Live on Mars?

Evan July

Can Nuclear Bombs wipe out Mankind and the Earth

Evan July

The Drip Theory - 22nd century literature

John Blandly

The Chemical History of a Candle - Scientific Lectures on the Chemistry and Physics of Flames

Michael Faraday

Planning Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Systems in Nigeria: A guide for installers architects engineers investors and home-owners

Peter I. Anakhu

Chemical Elements in Life

Wansen Zhu

Healing Miracle with Spirituality: Reiki & Crystals Healing with Dry Fasting and Mindful Meditation

Green leatherr

Stem Cells: Without all the Controversy

P.J. Calvin

HOW TO USE VEGETABLE OIL AS FUEL FOR YOUR DIESEL ENGINE: Introduction to the elaboration of biodiesel and a waste oil processor


Crystal Healing Bible With Practical Meditation & Dry Fasting For Beginner

Green leatherr

Reiki & Gem Healing With Dry Fasting for Energy Healing Health and Well-being

Green leatherr

Understanding Voltammetry - Simulation of Electrode Processes

Richard G Compton, Kristopher R Ward, Enno Kätelhön

Genesis and the Rapture of the Church

Guma Nelson

The Universe Is in Us

Allan R. Rudison Ph.D.

The Mystery of Life's Origin

Brin Miller, Jonathan Wells, Guillermo Gonzalez, Charles B. Thaxton, Walter L. Bradley, Roger L. Olsen, James Tour, Stephen Meyer, David Klinghoffer